📓(Possibly) Daily weight loss journal


Mon 8th Oct

•Coffee Huel 450kcal
•mint chocolate Huel 450kcal
•huel bar 250kcal
•bloody crisps 500kcal
•peanuts 200kcal
•huel bar 250kcal

2100kcal in
1800kcal out


Tues 9th Oct

•Coffee Huel 450kcal
•Mint Choc Huel 450kcal
•100g salted peanuts 640kcal
•Huel bar 250kcal

1790kcal in
1972kcal out

10881 steps


I have that problem with fruit too. It’s really annoying!


Weds 10th Oct

Aunt Flo is visiting and OMG I’m permanently starving!

•Coffee Huel 450kcal
•Spaghetti Bolognaise 450kcal
•my god I just want to go to tesco and stuff my face with carbs til I explode.
•Huel bar 250kcal
•attention all astrophysicists, my belly is currently home to an undiscovered black hole
•2 mint choc Huels 900kcal. Finally not hungry.
•Huel bar 250 kcal

2300kcal in
1630kcal out


Well done @Wendy_Shepherd!! Keep going!

Also, not sure if anyone has mentioned it or if you use it but try downloading My Fitness Pal- you arent sure on some of the calories you have taken in therefore this will help you as there are sooo many foods already saved with their correct nutritional value. Its super helpful.

I suggest this as i’m sure 3 tbps of Houmous and 3 rice cakes are more than 100cals- isnt a rice cake like 20 cals itself? And because Houmous is made from chick peas- although healthy fats- can still quite have a high calorie content. :slight_smile:


Thanks for flagging this, have had a look and adjusted accordingly.

Thanks, I’m currently using Samsung Health on my phone, will take a look though :slight_smile:


I found it more user friendly than ones on Samsung and iPhone :slight_smile:


Thurs 11 Oct

•Coffee huel 450kcal
•Berry huel 450kcal not starving today, thank dog
•Semi Home made lentil and tomato soup* 250kcal
•mint choc huel 450kcal

1600kcal in

*50g (approx) red lentils in slow cooker with 250ml boiling water, one small clove garlic (left whole) 1/3 stock cube and 1/3 jar Co op bolognaise sauce. Rather tasty.


image https://giphy.com/gifs/hiphopawards-bet-hip-hop-awards-2016-26uf9MHun4UNCYvle


Friday 12 October

•Coffee Huel 450kcal
•Vegan pizza 617kcal
•Rainbow nachos 100kcal?
•Hazelnut praline bar 191kcal
•Mint choc Huel 450kcal

1808 kcal in
1546+kcal out. Went out w/out phone, so not accurate, but at least 1546 out so. …


Saturday 13th Oct

•Guess what - coffee Huel 450kcal
•rhythm 108 super coconut bar 185kcal
•Berry huel 450kcal
•100g pomegranate 50kcal
•No dough vegan pizza 408kcal

CI 1543
CO 1469+

Spent 4 hours hanging wall paper that tracker didn’t know about. Worked up quite a sweat, so must have burnt at least 2 or 3 calories there!

3 mins running. Aim to add 30 seconds each day for first week or so, then add a minute each day, and gradually increase.

Today I’ve felt a lot better than I have in months. I don’t know why this is, could be because I’m off work pending an occy health appt, could be because I’m in the process of coming of citalopram with a view to trying a different head med, or could be something else entirely. Whatever it is, I hope it’s at least semi permanent. I feel more alert, positive, motivated, healthy, the list goes on.


Sun 14th Oct

•Coffee Huel 450kcal
•Tortilla soup, made by my lovely son. Guessing around 600 kcal
•Huel bar 250kcal

CI 1300 approx

Phone has been switched off all day so I have no idea of calories out or anything. Hey ho. Today has been the polar opposite of yesterday. Was OK when I first woke up, but by midday I was suicidal. Thank dog I’ve got an appointment with the gp tomorrow.


Mon 15th

•Coffee huel 450kcal
•Tesco veg curry 382kcal
•“Bounty” Huel 550kcal?

CI 1382
CO 1786


Tues 16th

•Coffee huel 450kcal
•2 hotdogs in buns w onion, ketchup mustard 500kcal
•Huel bar 250kcal
•Mint chocolate huel 450kcal
•Dark storm 150kcal

CI 1800
CO 1674


:(( you hang in there too!


Thanks, I think it was a bit of a “blip”, I’m definitely on the up again now x


Yes hang in there I know what it’s like. When I have a ’ blip ’ I just tell myself it’s a ’ blip ’ and to try and ride it out. Easier said than done I know. It sometimes helps when other people say it to me when I am not thinking straight, gives you a boost. I’ve been on Venlafaxine for 15 years. Hope your feeling better soon


Thank you, I was hoping to be swapped onto Venlafaxine myself, but instead I’ve been given sertraline. Will have to wait and see. Citalopram just not cutting it anymore!


Weds 17th Oct

•Coffee huel 450kcal
•*carrot cake huel 550kcal?
•mint chic huel 450kcal
•slice carrot cake

3scoops vanilla huel, 400ml water, 100ml soya milk, a small handful of raisins, ditto walnuts, 1tbs brown sugar, 1 small carrot, sprinkle cinnamon. A friend bugged me into making a carrot cake for her, so I suddenly have all these evil ingredients in the house again. Brown sugar, icing sugar, flour… I’d just managed to deplete my baking cupboard, too. :persevere:


Of course.