📓(Possibly) Daily weight loss journal


Thurs 18 Oct

•Coffee huel 450kcal
•Chocolate Hazelnut huel 450kcal


I should give the ingredients to your friend for another time :slightly_smiling_face:


If only! She is 70+ years old, and doesn’t cook, let alone bake. :frowning:


Perhaps she could just keep them safe for you :wink:


Hey @Wendy_Shepherd, where have your updates gone?

I haven’t seen your coffee Huel brekkie around in these parts for a bit. How are you getting on?


Hmm, maybe her neighbour has abducted her. Never trust sweet old ladies.


I just haven’t been posting because, let’s be honest, my posts are pretty boring and predictable. Also the shortcut to the forum disappeared from my phone somehow, so it’s not as simple to jump on and post.


No your posts are not boring Wendy, keep posting we want you around :grinning::grinning:


Thanks, that’s very kind, but my posts tend to be coffee huel for breakfast, a random huel for lunch, maybe a huel bar at some point in the day, and then whatever “normal” food I can be bothered to rustle up in the evening. No one needs to know that. If it was helping with weightloss I might be more inclined to carry on, but it’s not. In other news I’ve been off citalopram for a week, and although I have the prescription for sertraline stuck on the fridge, I haven’t filled it yet, as I’d like to see how I get on “on my own” for a while, and maybe indefinitely if I manage OK. I’ve got one more week before I’m allowed back to work, and it will be interesting to see how that goes. I’ve got the shortcut back, so I’ll probably jump in with silly comments etc here and there, but this daily food journal thing really isn’t for me.


Just as long as you are ok and keep chatting all is good, especially on theses cold dark depressing nights. We can all gather round the camp fire drinking Huel and maybe some sing song. Coming of your pills possibly have made you feel more down, you need to get your new ones ASAP!!! Hopefully they will start working quickly. :grinning: I hate these early dark nights.


I hate the cold and dark too, makes me want to hibernate. Only good bit is sitting in front of fire with two dogs and a newspaper puzzle page! I feel pretty good off the tablets, my mood is more stable and predictable, which I prefer to the highs and lows I was getting before, and I feel much more clear headed and able to focus. I’m keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of the black dog, don’t worry!


Rather than a daily food log, which I agree can become a bit repetitive (mine is identical every day at the moment!), why don’t you change this post to a weekly thing? That way you can track your progress on all things Huel, happiness and weight.

It might help as a retrospective look back as to why things may or may not have changed for you. Was there something you did differently that help with your mood or helped you lose a pound or 2, etc.


Oh yes, I know exactly what helped me lose weight last year.
Huel + toyboy = weight loss.
I’m not doing that again though. :smile:


So sticking with the toyboy and giving up huel ??


Something I recommend for all of us :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Don’t encourage her.


I’m saying nothing.


All of us??? Are you saying you want us all here to have an orgy?


Think they better start laying down a few ground rules before the next mix’n’mingle :worried:


I’ve had shingles for the past 2 weeks, which explains the dicky tummy previously mentioned. As a result I’ve been “craving” dry, savoury, crunchy food, so having a fair bit of bread/toast and pizza. I’ve had fun trying all the various vegan pizzas that have suddenly flooded the market - what a dog-send they are. My faves so far are the Tesco Wicked Kitchen pesto one (love the veg, the base and the pesto drizzle), Asdas pizza bar create-your-own (choice of two sizes, 4 out of 7 or 8 toppings, very generous and perfect for a greedy guts like me. I added my own chilli on top when I got home too.); and the Goodfellas falafel pizza (nice’n’spicy, didn’t miss the cheese although I half expected to). The White Rabbit one is also nice, but somewhat pricey. Has anyone else (I’m looking at you esp @hunzas) tried any out? What did you think?

But enough about pizza, back to Huel. Still been having 2 or 3 Huels per day, except for when the shingles was at its worst. Experimenting with the flavours I bought a few weeks back. I’m not mega keen on them, although they are nice for a change. Wouldn’t get the chocolate one again, as it doesn’t taste great and I’d rather use cocoa powder tbh.

Just got an email through from Yo! Sushi, and they have tons of vegan options now. I’m seriously considering going there in the next few days, kind of as a reward/treat for returning to work tomorrow. Urgh. I don’t want to go AT ALL but of course I can’t say that or I will risk losing my job. I’ve just had 1 wekk holiday + 3 weeks enforced leave pending the occy health appointment that I went to yesterday. I was told it was at 9, but when I got there they said no, nine thirty. So I waited and finally went in at 9.45. Was meant to be an hour long appointment but I was out within 20 minutes, having easily convinced the woman that I was absolutely fine and there was no reason why I shouldn’t return to work. After a <10 minute meeting at work where they were equally happy to be fooled, I returned home and cried unconsolably for 4 or 5 hours. I’ve decided I’m going to divide up the areas of my life - work, social and home - and will have to put on my everything’s hunky-dory mask whenever I’m out of the house. Behind closed doors I’ll just drown my sorrows, if necessary. The tears may have been PMT related I suspect, time will tell.

Impressed myself today by walking with the 2 doggos to the paper shop about 3 miles away where I used to work, and where the manager is quite happy to accept two weekday tokens for a weekend i newspaper. As a result, I’ve racked up 10254 steps, 7.31km, and 430 kcal burnt. Also both dogs have had a bloody good walk, especially the lurcher who charges round like a looney at all the places where he can be off lead, which is probably about 1/4 or 1/3 of the total distance. They have both flaked out since we got back and left me to sit by the fire doing the puzzles. Making the most of my last few hours before heading back to work at 7am tomorrow morning.