📓(Possibly) Daily weight loss journal


No. I haven’t tried any shop bought pizza although I am tempted by the oumph one from Tesco. Never shop in Asda. The goodfellas one has been recommended to me. But falafel and pizza sounds wrong (as does houmous and pizza. White Rabbit has never had good reviews anywhere I have seen. Best pizza base is a recipe by Hugh Farnley What’shisface. It is a good all rounder for various bread things and dead easy to make.


Because you mentioned it, I spotted the oomph pizza in Tesco and tried it. Was OK, but not a fave and won’t buy it again.


balls, what was wrong with it in particular?


It was a bit on the small side, the base was good, the oomph meat substitute seemed out of place and the other toppings were a bit scant. Only my personal opinion though, don’t let my negativity put you off. Try it when it’s on offer maybe!


Ever the contrarian, I’m thinking of going 100% Huel free for a week. Actually, it’s because I’ve just weighed my 4 remaining bags of huel and estimate 45 meals remaining, can’t afford my subscription this month, so I’ve pushed it back a month to December payday instead. If I do a week Huel free those 45 meals should get me through til end of December more or less, and it will be interesting to see if I feel any different.


Whatever will you eat then! :scream::joy:


Probably pizza and breakfast cereal! :rofl:


I had one of those Goodfellas falafel pizzas on Friday…(well I had half a one, my OH had the other half). It was actually very nice, much better than I was expecting, yes it did taste of falafel which was what I was not wanting, but it was pretty good, I added nooch and hot chilli sauce. I wanted to get the Oumph one, but they had none.

I’ve just been to Waitrose, and they have loads more vegan options than ever before…and I bought a Pizza Express vegan pizza…they also had a waitrose own brand vegan pizza, which was on offer…but that can wait til another time.

I was in my local Co-Op yesterday, which is a very small one, yet they have also introduced vegan pizzas, and had 3 different, as well as other vegan stuff new to store. They just refurbished the store and now refreshing their ranges…


:rofl: now i wanna try blending a snickers bar in with my Huel. Damn you :drooling_face: :joy:

Powdered peanut butter?? I need to google this I have never seen it


They sell it in health food shops, and some supermarkets. Pretty sure I’ve seen it in tesco and asda


It might not be on offer another time though!


Ooh! My local little Co op is having a refurbished atm, fingers crossed they will get some good vegan stuff. Up til now it hasn’t even had a vegan marg, despite repeated requests.


Weight 75kg (crappy home scales, but I never get round to going to the doctor’s surgery, so it’ll have to do). Looking back, the last weight check I see was 75.2kg at the beginning of October, so essentially nothing has happened weight-wise since then, which doesn’t really surprise me. I haven’t been very active, and my diet has been so-so, usually pretty good, sometimes eating a whole pack of biscuits in a day (maybe once a week or so). So now I’ve realised I can weigh myself at work, maybe I’ll get a bit motivated again. To be super realistic, I’m gonna aim to lose 1.5kg/month. That should leave me at 69kg for my 50th :partying_face: in 5 months, which at 5’5" is pretty reasonable for an old bird like me.

After a week of being a bit ill + pretty depressed and having almost no appetite 73kg. Depression ftw. Pretend I didn’t say that.


72kg. Geting there slowly. At least I’m closer to 11 stone rather than the 12 I was heading for before.


71.5 kg, slowly but surely…


Well done - you’re definitely moving in the right direction! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, just have to keep losing more, then keep it off. The hardest bit will be not reverting to old habits. At the moment I’m having two or 3 huels per day, plus as many cups of coffee as it takes to dilute my stomach acid!


3 kilos in 3 weeks, don’t discount your achievements! :slight_smile: