Ready to reboot my unhealthy relationship with food

Just had my first Huel and am so relieved to find it’s not revolting! I added frozen bananas and strawberries to my Vitamix and it’s quite a pleasant taste. We recently got back from holiday and I felt rotten the whole week, having overeaten every day, hating myself for it but not being able to stop bingeing on cream cakes for breakfast, and cocktails and cake for dinner! I tried really hard to eat in moderation at the beginning of the week but food is my addiction and so have decided to try to reboot my relationship with food by using Huel. I read this forum whilst on holiday and it was so helpful, in particular the posts about food fatigue so thank you :slight_smile:


Good luck!

I just had my first Huel meal too, about half an hour ago. After reading so many peoples’ opinions online saying that it tastes unpleasant, I was likewise really happy to find that it’s perfectly okay to drink.

I hope your healthy eating effort goes well!

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thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

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I like the taste too. Not too nice you want to drink it all day but nice enough when you’re hungry.

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It’s great to hear that the forum was a source of motivation whilst you were away. We all over eat and drink on holiday, but just because we have 1-2 weeks of relapse doesn’t mean we can’t just pick it up again when we return. You can do it!

It sounds like Huel will be the ideal stepping stone to healthier relationship with food. “These little wins have the power to create an avalanche effect that helps you accomplish bigger and more challenging tasks during the rest of the day.”

Al the best and keep us updated! Also glad you liked the taste of Huel too, loads of ways to shake it up here!