The Founder backed Brexit


…and the polar bears :grin::panda_face: Couldn’t find a polar bear so you’ll have to make do with a panda :laughing:


No such thing. You’d have better luck finding Bigfoot, Swedish women aren’t easy. :smile:


I’m gonna be in Sweden late Feb…just Stockholm…anything good to do apart from the Abba museum…? Also where can I see some black metal bands?


No clue mate, been in Stockholm like 3 times. Copenhagen is much closer to me. I live in Malmö (basically in denmark)


Ah, so you are aware of Crutches then? D-Beat punk rock band. They are playing in my local city in UK soon. They are from Malmo.


@hunzas hire a van and fill it with Huel and take over for @Squizzle :laughing:


Good idea…alas too late…i’m going on easy jet…baggage allowance won’t make it worth my while.


I actually have a Swedish partner and this is why I’m invested in preventing leaving the EU. Effectively, a bunch of people I don’t know voted to strip me of my right to travel and work easily in my partner’s country and, vice-versa, for her to do the same. We choose to live in seperate countries as we are polyamorous, but are wuazi-nomadic and until recently it didn’t look like it was an untenable distance between Newcastle and Stockholm.

Now it does look seriously problematic for us. ‘Brexit’ isn’t just divisive in the UK, its divisive for our European family. In this over-stressed world we need more connections, not fewer, and literally nothing that most people are really concerned about, who voted to leave, will be fixed by that decision. In-fact everything people were really concerned about could readily have been fixed without leaving the EU. The whole exercise has been a waste of time and money and made the UK the laughing stock of the world.

So for those who voted Leave: I hope you’re proud at all the interpersonal relationships between Europeans in and out of the UK that your action is disrupting.

It’s really horrible to see people treat it like a big joke when it is seriously impacting the lives of others, already.


At least it is not Ryanair…


I flew Ryanair twice…but never again. The actual flights (which I assume are the main things to consider) were fine - they arrived early. The cabin crew are quite surly, and on one of the flights two of them obviously clashed personality wise as they were shouting and arguing with each other throughout…very unprofessional. All the additional bits you pay for means it is not as cheap as it seems…I don’t like all the hidden charges; if the price was the same but more openly advertised I would mind far less. The owner of the company is openly scathing of his customers, so I quite like him for that.


Oh and he’s not a fan of Brexit either (to keep it on topic).


Do you know what make of Hoover he has? A prototype Huel Hoover maybe?


FFS guys this is a forum about our passion for a powdered meal replacement system.

If you want to get into lengthy debates about Brexit in a highly monitored environment, this is why the Guardian comments pages exist.



The vote now stands at 61% to lock this thread to 39% to keep it open. Looks a bit dodgy this, are the Russians or Chinese hacking the vote…


Maybe it’s another zombie apocalypse?


Or you could just ignore a topic you aren’t interested in and leave those of us that are to it.

Perhaps a controversial opinion, but… regardless of whether there’s a large majority to lock a thread or not, that shouldn’t matter unless it’s breaching forum rules. Those not interested in the subject are under no obligation to continue reading it, whilst for those who are interested it can be entertaining and informative. The caveat there is that everyone discusses the topic with good etiquette.


I actually voted to keep it open (#remain) but it’s really annoying to see it keep resurfacing


My two pence for what it’s worth… Nothing ha…

When I was looking up Huel and doing research I came across this forum which I have found interesting…

Though the first post happened to mention Brexit and I thought… FOR F’S SAKE NOT HERE TOO, THIS PLACE AINT FOR ME.

But I ignored it mostly, and joined, but I do think there hundreds upon thousands of places people can talk about Brexit. And I reckon all people come to find this forum because of Huel and not politics. People will come to this forum to see what people make of Huel. What they do with Huel. If people like it. If people hate it.

I wouldn’t even see it as censoring if Huel deleted this thread as there are hundreds of other places dedicated to talking about Brexit out there.

So I voted to close the thread but I’d suggest Huel delete it too. As it’s not a great impression for people to be seeing when they first visit the forum.


The reason I’m keen for it to be kept open is because almost all places people discuss politics are inherently biased and just end out as echo chambers. A discussion on the topic in a place like this is bound to be far more impartial, and will allow me to see points made by people who genuinely believe the complete opposite to me, which would it turn allow me to expand my own view of the topic.