The Founder backed Brexit


Tim on the cheeky Brexit references!!!


:man_facepalming: total accident, but also hilarious that in a debate about brexit the poll to continue talking about Brexit was the same percentage as the outcome of Brexit.

Mind blown.


This really is just too good :rofl:


We come for the Huel, we stay for the community. :smiley:


That really sums it up, yes :sunglasses:


I still hope that brexit will not happen, but brexit is not evil and so I don’t see a problem if one of the founders backed brexit. I just evaluate huel with all its competitor for quality and price, not for brexit


Same reason I shop at Amazon when I know most of their tax and morals are crooked.

Prices are good and customer service is unbeatable, quite literally.

Might be a nice to get that “feel good” feeling and virtue signal, but at the end of the day, who is anyone to tell each of us what we can and can’t buy based on their own opinions?

The only relevance Huel has to my opinion on Brexit is whether it will affect distribution, pricing or logistics.


I also buy on amazon, but according to me (if we want to subdue) amazon is a bit guilty and huel (on the brexit) no: do not pay taxes is definitely a bad thing, stay outside or inside europe are both perfectly legitimate, even if I root “remain”.


Amazon are dicks.
Huel arent.
Can’t compare those two. :flushed:


Yeah, but I’ll still by from the biggest dick you can find me if their prices are rock bottom and their customer service is astonishingly good.

Prime example (pardon the pun) - Had a pair of Bose Soundsport for 10 months, dropped in water. Stopped working. Got onto customer service, they basically said “Accidents happen” and sent me a brand new pair BEFORE I’d even returned the old ones. It’s just phenomenal!


Agree. Amazon customer service is great when you want to return stuff.


I dunno.
I shopped there once. Delivery took about 2 weeks and emails werent responded to. I wasnt impressed. That was from UK though. For whatever reason there is no amazon for the Nordic countries, nor access to Prime in any form except their Netflix copy. And even that is without local subtitles which all others (Netflix,HBO etc) has.
Understandably, probably is easier to like for you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t seem to have many perks in Sweden. I don’t use Prime, apart from the occasional ‘trial’. Too expensive.


I think people are afraid to start businesses here, due to (alledged) polar bears roaming the streets. Never seen one though :joy:


LOL how about mooses? :grin:


I stood face to face with one once, LOL. A baby moose, with its mother a few meters behind closely watching me
Only time I’ve seen one(and a half) though


Surprised it wasn’t being shot at from the Swedes I’ve met :joy:


Must be quite daunting. Moose are huge aren’t they?


I’m one of the vegetarians =p
I guess they were lucky I was!


@Squizzle should move to the UK I think, and I will move to Sweden to be with them sex mad Swedish blonde girls :smiley: