The Founder backed Brexit


For what it’s worth, I voted to lock because the topic had changed course and was kind of pointless. I would now recast my vote for keeping it open if it’s going to return to Brexit debate


That reminds me I need to Hoover my flat today…


I might Bosch my house…or shall I Shark it?


Anyone got one of those Robot Hoovers, I was looking at some on Amazon earlier. Lol even less exercise, more weight to put on. I will stick with my Dyson DC14 I think :smiley:


Get a Kirby. they are the best. I used to have two.


You’re all peasants.
Electrolux is where it’s at :sweden:


My house is not minimalistic enough for a robot vac :grin:


We invested in a Eufy robot vacuum
Amazed by how much it picks up and how clean the house looks afterwards.
It gets in places a normal vacuum couldn’t and this helps rid our house of errant dog hairs (Poppy the lab’ sheds loads of hair)
It wouldn’t replace proper vacuuming but … it’s great !
And we DONT have a minimalistic house either … just a normal family house


Are you the moderator? How were you able to change the title if you weren’t the person who started the thread?


@ChristinaT the iron lady should be a moderator, she is Tim’s deputy :smiley_cat::smiley_cat:


Privilege that comes with being a “Regular”. Could (and will) be abused eventually, but for now it’s working well.

I normally correct typos or aggressive titles to keep the place as civil as possible, but I get annoyed when people censor or try to be funny.

Place gets a bit silly sometimes, I swear there’s more sexual frustration here than a year 10 classroom.


You should see what gets on in the lounge then :grinning: mind you the new couch @Coup got is way cool and comfy

Talking of which I better HOOVER ( cough cough ) the lounge


It wasn’t me who changed the title to the current one about sick.
That was the usual culprit !


And no… I’m not a moderator.
Nor staff.
Nor the Iron Lady.
Nor anybody’s deputy.
Except the cat. I’m definitely deputy to the cat. (And she’s the reason why I have to hoover so much. And actually Ian’s new title suddenly seems more apt than my own as it has suddenly occurred to me that I spend way more time cleaning up cat puke than Huel powder)
Turns out @Ian42 isn’t 100% idiot after all :stuck_out_tongue:


To Clarify, Christina is not a moderator. You can find all the Forum Staff here.

Regulars on the Forum can change titles.


Thanks Tim

In that case I think regulars shouldn’t have those powers and you should leave it to staff. Customers regulating customers thread titles is completely unacceptable and is not professional of a company to allow. Thanks


Perhaps Tim could have another poll…should regulars be able to change titles.



Who gives a toss?


My post suggesting @ChristinaT is hit with a sledgehammer has gained 6 likes.

Just saying.


The forum isn’t the same thing as the Huel website. If you want the official Huel stance on stuff, go to their website, over which they have full control. This is a community place and the community runs it. For the greater good…


This forum is hosted by Discourse, not, the functionality is built in and I can’t change that. Some functions I can change, however I can’t seem to find a way to amend that particular setting. I have looked :wink: and some of the more mischievous people have received strongly worded messages from me to behave themselves.

FYI, poll currently is 52 ayes 48 nos (%). To continue the political theme, that’s just enough for a majority in the house of commons by 1%. However I’ll keep it open, since a 52% majority is hardly a majority.

As I’ve implied previously, keep it nice, keep it fair and react with reasoned and referenced opinion, not knee-jerk contradiction.