Think Huel should compensate us

If that were true you’d know that a vasectomy would not prevent you from ejaculating

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Yes I always go around telling porkies.

Ah, go and see a doctor to explain it to you then.

Soft Lad.


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Blimey…you DO need to see a doctor…or someone with bicycle pump :stuck_out_tongue:

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Viagra might help there mate :grinning:

@AndyC81 ps don’t take much note of what I write…I am only here to keep Tim the mod in a job.


Any anti war campaigners around?

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Btw during my huel drought I was forced to turn to Feed - it’s shit!

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Whatever you eat it always ends up shit even animal feed

I’m so glad to hear this and from all the team so sorry to you and anyone else here that experienced such delays.

Re: @Lighteater’s content I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be overtly political but simply to mean there are much worse things in the world than delayed food delivery. Which I’m sure we agree with, but also I’m not exempting Huel from annoying a lot of amazing Huelers.

Sorry about this. Since you have ordered Huel Professional, and due to the additional production measures required to produce Huel Professional powder, there is an additional delay to your order.

We are working super hard to fix this issue and expect to have your powder order packaged and dispatched to you by Monday 26th November.

On that note, I’m locking this thread and going home.

Love you all dearly