Tips for avoiding diarrhea

Hi Everyone!

Every time I use Huel I get diarrhea. I am mixing two scoops of Unflavoured and Unsweetened with two scoops of Vanilla in about 850ml of water.

Does anyone have any ideas on preventing diarrea? I have 4 bags left and am past my 30 day return period so it would be a shame to throw 80 pounds in the bin.

Thanks in advance.

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Buy a cork?

I always think it’s a difficult word to spell…it should be called Dire rear…cos that’s what to really is.

How long have you been using Huel and how often? It may be an adjustment by your body if you have not been used to a plant based diet.

Probiotics may help…

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Have you tried having 1 scoop of each with 425ml of water? Then a few hours later, the same again, effectively splitting and spacing out the portion?

It might be that 4 scoops in 1 go is too much for your digestive system until you’ve got used to it. I was the same.


Thanks, I will give that a go. And will keep probiotics in mind as a second line of defence.

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don’t drink it too quickly!

ignore this, I reply on a wrong thread

Use a blender to blend it instead of shaking it with the shaker. Everytime I drink shake Huel, I get diarrhea. The first time I encounter this was when I tried the shake Huel for the first time after having blended Huel for a week, I thought it’s because of food I ate, not the Huel. But when I tried it again, the diarrhea came to approve my assumption. I’ve never had shake Huel ever since. I drink blended Huel for 100% on weekdays for 2 months and intake more than 15 bags of Huel so far.

How odd, I always shake my Huel and I don’t have dire rear syndrome.

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I’ve only ever blended and the day I drank it in 20mins, was the day my bowels were wrecked!

That’s weird too…I generally drink it within that timeframe…often even quicker…sometimes longer, but none have affected me…perhaps it’s all the out-of-date foods I eat…cast iron digestive system.

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I think diarrhea can be avoided by drinking pure water. Most of the disease cause due to impurities in water.

Glad to find this thread. I thought it was the food I was eating too. Makes sense that it’s the Huel as normally I have a really good gut and am pretty regular.
I usually have one Huel meal a day, 2 scoops with half skimmed milk and half tap water.
Any recommendations appreciated.

Interesting. Are you coming from a low fiber diet? I have eat vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for 1.5 years focusing on as much whole foods as possible. Whenever I’ve … passed it’s been normal for me. I’ve read that if you go from a low fiber to high you can get a watery stool or constipated. I’d say potentially also check if your allergic to anything in the ingredients!

Yes I guess you could describe my previous diet as low fibre. My diet as a whole was pretty poor to be honest.
I doubt I’m allergic as I don’t think I’ve ever had an allergy to anything, ever - just lucky I guess. I may just try cutting my Huel consumption down to every other day to try and ease my system into it gradually.

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