UU/Vanilla mix

So having read the forum, I find I’m not the only one to find Vanilla (new or old) a little too sweet for my taste. That said UU is very very bland.

Is it possible to do a half and half bag, which is not UU, but not Vanilla either, so a less sweet, less vanilla option?

Nope, this has been asked before…next thing someone will want a 75% uu 25% villa mix, and then a 66-33% mix; 80-20%…just do what I do, buy one of each and mix them up.


Well it’s about support I’m mean 2 different flavours of vanilla? Cant’ be that hard to do a 50/50 mix.

It probably isn’t difficult…but Huel is still a small company; and every new product means more investment/risk…and they’ll never please everyone.

People ask for:
low fat
high carb
High protein
non-vegan (no real specification on that apart from no digestive issues)

and probably loads more too…

Don’t forget low iron. :man_facepalming:t2:

Yeah, that’s true. I guess that’s why they were happy with keeping the old vanilla (I can’t tell the difference so I’m not sure why) but with a 50/50 mix it’s not a new product is it?

It’s taking what they’ve got and mixed it slightly differently. They are in it to make money. If people buy more 50/50 and it’s popular, then that’s good.

That’s only good for shirts IMHO. Though I prefer NO iron.


But plenty of people can tell the difference…there are whole threads about it. Just because you can’t. As I said before it is hard to please everyone; of course they want to make money…but they don’t want to lose money either.

I’ll go have a look as in blind testing. None of the 4 of us can taste the difference!

I had assumed it was something to do with the ingredients change as opposed to the flavour.

Here’s one thread: Huel 2.3 - Tastes Amazing! How!?

Ah, so you mean I’ve been doing it wrong all this time…? :man_shrugging:



Cheers for that, interestingly, there’s less people saying they don’t like it than are asking for a 50:50 mix :slight_smile: So there’s hope.

Going to have to do another blind test. Are people mixing it thicker to get a stronger taste to compare?