Vanilla Huel makes me feel sick

Do you have any flavour boosts? You could put a spoonful of instant coffee in it or cocoa - or both if you like mocha flavouring.

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Will try out some flavour boosts and maybe even buy a pack of mint choc to add to the vanilla.

Question, is the original Huel less sickly sweet? I would like to be able to enjoy a plain flavour hence why I bought vanilla :slight_smile:

Yeah the original vanilla is a bit plainer in terms of flavour, but it’s still very sweet. Try the matcha flavour boost, lots of people say they don’t fancy it but I think it makes it less sweet.

Also, leaving in the fridge overnight takes the “edge” out of the sweetness for most people

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Tbh I am happy to drink vanilla either on its own or flavoured, but find Original a bit too sweet for my tastes. I mix Original with UU to tone down the sweetness, as do quite a few people here, then add flavour. UU is good with flavours if you are not too much of a sweet tooth. Taste is a highly subjective so we all have to agree to differ :grin:

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Hmm. Maybe I should get my next order in soon and add a UU to balance out the vanilla. Would that work?

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All we can really do here is share what works for us. Impossible for one individual to imagine what someone else would like.

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UU is a good choice, it’s the one I always order as there are so many different ways to change it :green_apple::apple::banana::strawberry::cherries::mango::pineapple::coconut::pie::chocolate_bar::peanuts::honey_pot::milk_glass::coffee: and it even worked with a shot of Baileys at Christmas!


If you find the sweetness too intense or the flavour too intense, mixing in a scoop of UU works really well. Making it slightly weaker (more water) also helps, as does refrigerating it overnight (which magically toned down the sweetness a lot!).

I’d recommend trying a bag of UU to mix with. If you don’t like it, you can always add plenty flavour boosts or use it up a little at a time, mixing it into original or vanilla.

Personally I find 50/50 original and uu plus flavour boosts much more pleasant than vanilla - it’s less sweet and less sickly, and you can vary the flavour boosts to give variety.

Also adding instant coffee or cacao tones down the sweetness very well.

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Thanks for the advice!

I have some advice. Get a bunch of sick bags and try again.

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Vanilla is the BEST…so kindly flip off:)

I’ve read that several times, and everytime it makes less sense. You wot, m8?

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Ta very much for the advice :wink:

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OP said the vanilla flavour makes him sick. Hunzas suggested he just carry on but keep “sick bags” (like on aeroplanes) nearby. Not a bad joke by hunzas standards, but it’s classically unhelpful as is hunzas tradition which makes it funny


Sorry that you weren’t a fan of the Vanilla Flavour. There’s not just one way to enjoy Huel, so don’t worry! Some great ideas here already, but to list a few favourites:

Mocha Flavour Boost
Teaspoon (or 2) instant coffee
Blending with Berries/fruit of your choice
Adding peanut butter

And so many more

My experiences are similar to yours, OP. I tried mixing it half-and-half with Unsweetened/Unflavored and that really did the trick for me. But otherwise yeah, unbearably sweet.

I love a scoop of Vanilla mixed with a scoop of Mint Choc (it works especially well as the Mint Choc already has a base of Vanilla). Also you already have both of these so it’s easy to try. It just tastes of the Mint Choc so you can get through both bags that way.

I personally like the flavour.
But what I have been doing as i take my Huel for breakfast after the gym and feel 3 scoops isn’t enough to hold back my hunger until the afternoon I blend a banana in to it. Completely takes away the vanilla flavour and a great energy source too.

I found the vanilla to have sweet aftertaste but on adding cacao it was fine. I also mixed it with u/u or original both which moderated the sweetness but the aftertaste was still there.