How do you flavour your Huel?

Fellow Huelers!

Having a good look around the forum and some of you are coming up with some fantastic ideas on how you flavour your Huel. This is not the official flavour systems, but your own innovations! We want to put together some of your ideas!

Current tried and tested flavourings:


  • Cocoa/chocolate
  • Banana
  • Cinnamon
  • Chai Tea
  • Ginger beer
  • Hazlenuts/almonds
  • Milk (normal/almond)
  • Honey
  • Raspberries


  • Coffee
  • Ice
  • Chilli
  • Stock pots/cubes
  • Flavour pots
  • Chilli/garlic sauce
  • Bacon seasoning
  • Spices (so far: garam masala, cumin, coriander, onion granules, garlic granules)

If you could detail in your comment whether you used the flavouring in conjunction with the vanilla or UU version of Huel and whether you have actually tried it or are just sharing ideas.

What about baking? Have you got creative in the kitchen? We would like to know!


Cinnamon: Tastes great
Green tea: Not so great

Going to try with cocoa and blueberries. Yes, I’m supplementing with antioxidants and getting a nice flavour as a bonus! All of it with vanilla Huel.


I’m in to my second day of Huel (just doing breakfast and lunch).

I put a shot of Espresso and a Banana in it this morning then blitzed it in the blender. Sounds like it would be horrible, but it was great!

Will try Cinnamon at lunch!


Great idea Rog! What about all three? It might be like a cinnamon latte!

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Some trials today:
1: Blueberries. It looks gorgeous in its blue color. Tastes pretty good but not fantastic.
2: Cocoa. Really nice. I think I’ll try blueberries+cocoa tomorrow. I think that might be a winner. Cocoa+cinnamon is probably delicious, too.
3: Garlic+cloves+turmeric+oregano. I’m the first to admit I went a bit overboard here, but these are all foods loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals and I only had three batches of Huel to work with, so I tried adding them all. The raw garlic really overpowered everything else, so this test was pretty inconclusive. I’ll try some of the other ingredients separately tomorrow. I have a good feeling about cloves, though. It’s gingerbread-y and I think it can go well with the vanilla. It also has an ORAC value (measuring antioxidants) of 290,283, where blueberries, the antioxidant-rich “superfood” clocks in at 4,669. So cloves are going into tomorrow’s Huel on its own.


So far I’ve only tried mixing vanilla and UU Huel at 50/50…I found it a nice change. I’ve considered using expresso but have read that it’s best to space out coffee and meals due to coffee effecting the availability of nutrients. Anyone familiar with this?

Cloves and cinnamon was pretty nice. Today I’m testing cloves and cocoa. Blueberries and cocoa also worked well, though I think I need to use more cocoa than I have been using. Turmeric and oregano was, unsurprisingly, not that tasty. Drinkable, though, and I might do it once in a while as a means to an end, but then maybe I’ll just mix it with water and have it separately instead.

You’re an innovator @Ari! Love the commitment to raw garlic, will put it on the list of things that don’t work. Cloves and cinnamon sounds great. Keep up the good work!

Cloves and cocoa was even better. That one’s a keeper. Gave a bit of depth to the vanilla-chocolate taste. Recommended!


Got Huel yesterday and eagerly tried it unflavoured which was awful. Woke up this morning and have mixed 100ml of moka pot coffee with 50ml semi skimmed milk with 1 scoop of Huel and it makes a Frappucinno-esque drink which is delicious. Did mix it in a Nutribullet so not to have lumps!!

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The unsweetened is fairly earthy! Coffee is a great shout though, love a Moka pot brew! I could do with a Frappu-Huel-ucinno right now.

I have tried using the following options with the vanilla flavoured Huel:

Couple handfuls of raspberries and teaspoon of cinnamon.
Banana, handful of raspberries and teaspoon of ginger.
Apple and teaspoon of cinnamon.

Just had the UU delivered today, so will try some savoury options and post how they worked out… :wink:

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Regarding cinnamon, though, it’s tasty and has beneficial properties, but it also poses some health risks and one shouldn’t overdo it. One teaspoon a day of cinnamon can be too much and potentially cause liver damage.

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Thanks for the info re:too much cinnamon - I had no idea. Will reduce amount used as well as frequency of use too.

I tried this stuff in my huel, and as a man with a serious sweet tooth this really did it for me. Delicious, basically used 50ml this and 450ml water, with 100g huel in a shaker.


Lemon juice works pretty well, depending on amount. Gives it a zesty undertone.


I love coffee so I’ve found that this is great to have on the go, it’s more finely ground than regular granuals so it’s more like a powder. Just half a teaspoon with a 3 scoop vanilla Huel and you’ve got yourself an iced vanilla latte! Delicious!


Innocent coconut water. Tried it this morning since I had both on the breakfast table and it has subtle taste but absolutely great! In the morning I’m taking mine with coffee


Keep them coming guys! Brilliant, now what about savoury? Has anyone tried the UU version with, say, Marmite or Bovril? Or some dried herbs?

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Currently experimenting with infused teas.

A flavoured rooibos is a nice addition but I’m not tempted to try a smoky tea such as Russian Caravan.