Votes on new complete food business name

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m starting a complete food business and would really appreciate your feedback (and suggestion) on the best name. We’d sell samples and mixes of several complete food brands (secured partnerships) online, and CF meals from a pop-up store, potentially retail. We’d also run a website/blog with several resources, discount pages, news etc.

Narrowed down options:



3.Arete (means excellence, high potential, virtue, happiness in Greek)


5.Evolve/DEvolve/REvolve Foods

  • food or nutrition on the end

Please post your top three, and other suggestions. Thanks and have a great new year :slight_smile:

  1. CompleteScam

  2. Paránomos (means illegal in Greek)

  3. :poop:

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How may this business plan be breaking the law?

I can’t answer that question but do know that i find your topic bad netiquette.

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I apologise, but don’t understand the negativity. I thought Huelers would be interested in giving feedback on a new complete food business, and this is the best place to engage the community :slight_smile:

Do you have suggestions for a better place to post this?

I also can’t help you there. You should do some more research. I’m new to this forum but have been using other forums for years. I don’t think any of them would appreciate this kind of postings. Most of the moderators i know would delete your post immediatly.

I would advice you to first reach out to the administrator/moderator of the forum and ask if your post is acceptable or not and how best to try and get what you are hoping for.

Thanks for the advice Flood. If several others feel the same, then the post will be flagged and acted on.

And welcome to the forum hahaha

Like I told you in the other threads you’ve been posting this idea to, you can’t just mix and match existing products and sell them as your own.

If you genuinely wanted to start a website where all complete food products come together and you sell samples and whatnot, the correct way to go about it would be to contact the brands you wish to sell and make an agreement where you receive a (small) cut of whatever you sell.

My response to your posts has been negative because it just seems incredibly rude to even propose this idea on a brand’s own forum. Not to mention a bit… dumb? The version of your company idea as you describe it wouldn’t end well for you because of the very simple reason stated above (and previously on another thread). If this is your plan, the last place to ask for advice about it would be the brands you plan on reselling…


Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:
I’ve researched this business model with the expectation it wouldn’t be feasible, but it’s perfectly legit :slight_smile: If anyone has any links that state otherwise, I’d genuinely appreciate them.

I’ve contacted several brands, which are keen to be suppliers, and their support is very encouraging. I’ve applied for a trade account with Huel, and aim to increase awareness and use of their products (and sales) through similar partnerships.

As above, the forum seems like more of a complete food community, with users sharing their journeys, opinions and ideas. If this post is thought unsuitable by many users, there’d be no hard feelings for removing it.

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See, you word it differently in other posts up until now. Brands being suppliers for some kind of grouped marketplace website is a different thing entirely than slightly altering a product and selling it for profit.

Careful how you word things. :slight_smile: But glad you’re taking the proper route in contacting brands and good luck to you.

Ah, my apologies Moon. I really appreciate you defending Huel’s branding <3
All the best for yourself in 2019 too :slight_smile:

Having a trade account for Huel isn’t the same as having permission to use it as an ingredient in your own product, and then selling it on as a new version of Huel… I’m pretty sure you don’t have permission for that.
Also, a tip in relation to your other (but related) post - you need to have food safety and hygiene certificates for your home kitchen to be selling any kind of home-made food product, even if you’re only opening packets, mixing ingredients together and repackaging them. I’m not suggesting you don’t have this, just mentioning it in case, as you could get into a lot of legal issues if you don’t.

AFAIK Huel do not even do trade accounts. They have also just stopped selling on Amazon as they want to control the end to end experience. Having distributors who hold stock also make it harder when they change versions.

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This ‘new complete food business’ stinks to high heaven to me.


I realise it’s not the same, just can’t find any info saying its illegitimate :confused: Not a problem not anyways. Oh yes, got all certification :slight_smile:

They have an application and login page for trade accounts, just hard to find on the site. Interesting to hear that about their Amazon store!

If anyone wants some queal/ketamine hybrid hit me up. I’ll be jumping for Jimmy Joy.


Post 21

Hey Lauren, I agree this is a bit of a weird post to write on the Huel Forum and not particularly good etiquette. I’m going to lock the thread, it would be best to post this sort of thing on a more general forum – sorry if you mistook this forum as a general complete foods forum.

r/soylent (contrary to the name) is a general place that chats about many different compete food options and would be a great space to get feedback about your business idea. Hope this helps!