Weight loss help to lose a stone

Hello I’m new to this I’ve got to lose a stone by June I’ve tried slimfast but don’t seem to be losing any weight so I see huel I do light exercise core mainly any one suggest what I should try and can you add milk to the shakes​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

You can add milk to Huel. Plant based milk is better as cows aren’t raped and their children taken away.

Losing weight is simply calories in are less than calories out

Huel is good as you can easily count calories.

Losing weight can be hard, keeping the weight off harder

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Thank you I think I will give the banana flavour ago

The banana flavour is in my opinion very good.

Do you still have to buy 2 bags

I might try coconut milk with it

You can’t just buy one bag. You could buy a starter bundle to try a few different things. 2 bags of powder may be your best best.

By coconut milk do you mean something like Koko in UHT or something like a ton of coconut milk? The former i’d recommend, the latter I wouldnt

Coconut milk in a carton thought that was good choice or almond milk be better I’ve got my work cut out I need the weight off for my friends wedding in lockdown I put on so much weight I can’t get in the dress lol

Either would be good as quite low in calories. When I started drinking Huel I made my shakes with 50/50 water and plant milk but to be honest it doesn’t really need it. Some almond milk does make the shakes thicker due to the thickening agents in the milk

I will try with water first then to see if it tastes ok thanks for your help will sort my order and let the journey to being slimmer begin will keep you informed as all help will be needed thk u

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Slimfast is very low in calories and not very nutritious, which weirdly isn’t great for weightloss because you need calories to sustain yourself (and to stop yourself from snacking!). I like huel because it isn’t “empty calories”.

If you have Huel for breakfast and lunch and means you can have a proper dinner without stressing or feeling hungry.

Good luck with it! Huel can take a few goes to get used to but it’s really nice once you get the hang of it.

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Hey Karen, I’m going to link a post from Tim which I think is really helpful for your situation.

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I actually mix Huel only with water. After putting it into the fridge for at least 3 hours (or overnight) it’s not only cold but also gets smoothier and tastes a lot better than freshly mixed.


This is what I did and do…hope it helps.

Its simple with Huel and a calorie counting app. Just keep your intake 500kcal/day less then your kcal output and you should loose about 1# per week. I did that to loose my initial weight. After that i switched to 250kcal. Also good to be active, heart rate elevated past resting, for 60min or more per day.

  • Huel shake for breakfast
  • Huel Protein shake for snacks and post workout
  • I have a large, regular food lunch
  • Huel bar for afternoon snack
  • Huel shake for dinner
  • Huel Protein shake for evening snack

When I travel I just bring the shake mix and bars

Good luck

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Thanks every one I will take on board the advice I give it my best shot I’m very determined to do this x


Hi, I am also using it to lose weight in a nutritious way alongside My Fitness Pal for calorie counting.

I am 2.5 months in and have lost 12 lbs (had a wobble when I was away for a weekend enjoying myself so went up 4lb then had to get that back down. So I could have lost a bit more but cocktails don’t drink themselves…)

Anyway, I don’t like the shakes with water so mix them with almond milk as it’s fairly low cal.

Good luck!

Oh seems I might get to my goal I will try the almond milk thanks

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