What consitency do you like your Huel?

700ml to 171g if refrigerated overnight or 600ml if not, pretty thick and feels more like food that way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you sure about that? :laughing:

I knew there was a reason we’ve never got on… :thinking::joy::rofl:

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And to answer the question, I’m a right weirdo with my huel, I do 2 mega heaped scoops (prob 3 level scoops worth?) to 500ml koko dairy free milk, 200g tinned cherries & 400ml boiling water with 20-30g raw cacao dissolved into it, all blended & I end up with 2 shakers about 600/700ml each… These go in the fridge for at least 5 hrs, don’t like the taste before this point & even at 3 scoops to over a litre of fluid this sometimes turns out thick like a milkshake… I can’t even imagine only doing 500ml liquid total to 3 scoops, just couldn’t stomach it!

So guess my answer is I like mine very runny but it doesn’t seem runny to me :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m 76 grams to 300ml of water.
Left in the fridge overnight.
Much prefer it to be thicker!

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I know for sure I’m doing it differently because for a meal I weigh out 100g of vanilla Huel in a small bowl, chuck in a bit of flavour boost, add just enough cold tap water to mix it into a stiff cookie dough/cake mix consistency and then eat it with a spoon. I don’t like drinks and do like to chew my food so this method works very well for me (I prefer the nutritional profile of the powder to that of the bars). I have zero gastrointestinal side effects, btw.


I weigh 125g of Huel and blend it with 450 ml of water, actually just done 3 mixes now, 1 for now and 2 for tomorrow

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Well, you’re 50% there, try harder and you may attain both.

ps…I’ve a big bag of Tate and Lyle if you need it.

It will seem a strange answer, but for me, it depends on hunger. In general, I like thick (I use a small steel ball to mix it better and when I can slightly perceive the noise when I shake, it’s perfect).
If I am more hungry, I prefer something more substantial so that can concentrate more flavour in a few sips; if it is more watery, I risk drinking it too quickly.

My breakfast at work: perfect balance after several attempts for me is:

  • 75-80gr of Huel
  • 125ml of whole milk of cow (I have a friend who has a farm and I prefer to use this instead of buying it)
  • a long coffee
  • about 450ml of water.

I noticed that with milk it takes a lot more water!

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I am a vegan, but I actually grew up in a dairy farming background, so as a kid I always drank raw milk, straight from the cow (but chilled)…so much better than the stuff out of bottles. I’ve not drunk milk intentionally for a few decades, but in the couple of occasions I have drank it in error (someone else’s error) it has been rank…I don’t miss it.


100g Huel and a spoon. No fluid.
Sometimes I snort it through my butt if I’m in a hurry


I eat once a day every evening and have 3 shakes all 150g with 500 ml water, I make them before bed and they stay in my truck fridge till the next evening when they are nice and creamy.
I then have 2 tins of either pineapple chunks or peach slices juice drained and with 2 of the shakes I pour over the fruit in a bowl and then eat like fruit and custard. I find this makes me eat slower and savour each mouthful more.


3 scoops with 400ml water

Do you mean you eat all 3 in the evening, one after the other with pineapple or peach chunks. That is the ultimate OMAD.


The thickness for me is dictated by the calorie requirement… I want 1000 calories during the day so that’s 6 scoops made in two 700ml shakes. It’s far too thick for my tastes but there’s not a lot I can do… tried 3 shakes and it was so much liquid I couldn’t drink it.

I add about 20% milk and leave it in the fridge overnight. If I don’t add the milk I find it’s flavourless and bitter.

Don’t you ever use flavoured Huel or flavour boosts?

Yes that’s right I don’t eat anything in the day and only drink water and organic black coffee and then depending what time i park up for the evening I have one bowl with pineapple chunks then have the next one on it’s own and then the next with peach slices. I normally spread this over around an hour and a half and slow as I can. Been doing for a while now and I’ve got so used to not eating in the day I no longer feel hungry all day until the evening and I really look forward to my huel feast in the evening. It’s helped me not being tempted in the evening to have anything extra that I don’t really need.

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I find that interesting. I often do 18 to 20 hour fasting and believe it is a good way to be, and certainly after a while you get used to it and appreciate your food more…even if it is something repetitive like Huel.

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That is flavoured. Flavours just don’t seem to work at all without milk, even the chocolate and mint one. The bitterness of the huel just completely overrides any taste.

Yes I agree, I probably do this 5/6 days a week and then when I’m home every 3 months for 2 weeks I have solid food and take a complete break from huel. I’ve been looking into the IF lately and there seems to be benefits from it.