Why no sample packs


How do we add individual RTD bottles to our order Tim? At the moment there is only the option to add a dozen.

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I think he means to say that it would be a better solution, not an existing one. :wink:


Yes Chris, wishful thinking on my part. It was sort of promised after the RTDs first went on sale.


Yea, I can imagine.
Waiting for the possibility myself as well, actually.
Really do want to try the RTD’s, but to buy a dozen each flavor…
That’s a price well beyond ‘trying’ the RTD. :sweat_smile:


RTDs are not low FODMAP. My system is coping with the granola and half a Huel bar at a time but not sure whether the RTDs would be a step too far. Hence would be nice to be able to order one bottle to try.


Sorry that was mean. I mean I can imagine this is something that we might do at some point as a trial. We don’t currently do this!


It’s ok, it was mentioned a little while ago, Tim. Not sure who said it but I seem to think it might have been Julian. Can’t find it so I could be lying :thinking:


It’s lovely that someone would do that, and I have asked someone who uses Huel at my office to bring me in some so that I can try it. He seemed shocked that Huel didn’t do that themselves as he got into it with a taster (back when you used to do them). There are some many people interested at my office, who also seemed surprised that you couldn’t order a sample or even a smaller starter kit, £40 to try is too expensive.

You have your model and i’m sure it is working however, and you seem to have really loyal customers which is great.

I do feel a small bit of resentment pestering someone just to try it however, I still feel pretty strongly that it should be the brand that does that. Perhaps if you gave some instructions on different ways to try it, surely that would improve things?!


Ka boom.


Aha! Thanks @Coup :+1:

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