Why no sample packs


How do we add individual RTD bottles to our order Tim? At the moment there is only the option to add a dozen.


I think he means to say that it would be a better solution, not an existing one. :wink:


Yes Chris, wishful thinking on my part. It was sort of promised after the RTDs first went on sale.


Yea, I can imagine.
Waiting for the possibility myself as well, actually.
Really do want to try the RTD’s, but to buy a dozen each flavor…
That’s a price well beyond ‘trying’ the RTD. :sweat_smile:


RTDs are not low FODMAP. My system is coping with the granola and half a Huel bar at a time but not sure whether the RTDs would be a step too far. Hence would be nice to be able to order one bottle to try.


Sorry that was mean. I mean I can imagine this is something that we might do at some point as a trial. We don’t currently do this!


It’s ok, it was mentioned a little while ago, Tim. Not sure who said it but I seem to think it might have been Julian. Can’t find it so I could be lying :thinking: