Why no sample packs


I’d like to feedback that it would be great to try the different flavours though… in smaller quantities. Flavour preference is such a personal thing and impossible to guess without trying.
For my first purchase I got one Berry, one Unflavoured and one Vanilla.
I HATE the Berry, LOVE the unflavoured, and the Vanilla is OK.

I now have an entire bag of berry that will be wasted as it’s so so so bad.
However, loads of people love the berry.
And loads of people hate the unflavoured whereas I think it’s delicious.

If we could get a sample pack, much like the flavour boosters, that included 2 meals of each flavour: so 2 x all five flavours in either normal or Gluten free, that’s a good ten meals to try. Enough to get the full Huel experience. And an opportunity to see which flavour suits our own personal taste.

I think Huel have done a great job of making sure they have a flavour for everybody, but soooo many people order the ‘wrong’ flavour for them and get put off or stuck with a massive bag of food that they can’t use.

Please reconsider a sample pack - hell make it 3 of each flavour if you want. That’s 15 full meals and the equivalent of purchasing a normal size bag, but with the advantage of having all the flavours to experiment with.

Also - please make the U/U sound more appealing in the description on your website!!! You make it sound undrinkable but it’s delicious (if like me you like plain oaty tastes) - you ‘strongly advise against ordering this if your a first time Hueller’… but so many people dislike the sweet taste of the other flavours. If you made the description of the U\U a bit more attractive, more people would try it and love it I’m sure.


500g sample packs limited to one per customer ftw


Thank you for the feedback, Christina. I think you raise some good points. I’ll pass them all on for sure. Sorry we haven’t given the UU the justice you think it deserves! No offence intended :blush:


Had I tried a sample of UU first I might never have gone any further with Huel. I tried new vanilla and berry first and am so glad I did. I bought a bag of UU to try afterwards but find it far too bland. I am using it up half and half with vanilla or berry and with extra flavour boost or on its own with frozen berries blended in.


Yeah, no sample pack is the killer for me. I’m not buying $66 of food that I might not be able to stand.


My tastes have changed since I said that about UU. I love it now :yum:


Exactly why there’s no sample packs! If you’d just tasted your first attempt at a shake you wouldn’t be here today, getting healthier


Yes indeedy! :grin:


I think you could do like a big sample bundle. So like charge people for the full price of a standard bag but its actually four or five smaller bags to sample. So they’re still giving huel a chance, its the same amount of powder, just split into multiple packs.


One of each flavour bars and one of each RTD…and some powdered would be good.