Why no sample packs


I’d like to feedback that it would be great to try the different flavours though… in smaller quantities. Flavour preference is such a personal thing and impossible to guess without trying.
For my first purchase I got one Berry, one Unflavoured and one Vanilla.
I HATE the Berry, LOVE the unflavoured, and the Vanilla is OK.

I now have an entire bag of berry that will be wasted as it’s so so so bad.
However, loads of people love the berry.
And loads of people hate the unflavoured whereas I think it’s delicious.

If we could get a sample pack, much like the flavour boosters, that included 2 meals of each flavour: so 2 x all five flavours in either normal or Gluten free, that’s a good ten meals to try. Enough to get the full Huel experience. And an opportunity to see which flavour suits our own personal taste.

I think Huel have done a great job of making sure they have a flavour for everybody, but soooo many people order the ‘wrong’ flavour for them and get put off or stuck with a massive bag of food that they can’t use.

Please reconsider a sample pack - hell make it 3 of each flavour if you want. That’s 15 full meals and the equivalent of purchasing a normal size bag, but with the advantage of having all the flavours to experiment with.

Also - please make the U/U sound more appealing in the description on your website!!! You make it sound undrinkable but it’s delicious (if like me you like plain oaty tastes) - you ‘strongly advise against ordering this if your a first time Hueller’… but so many people dislike the sweet taste of the other flavours. If you made the description of the U\U a bit more attractive, more people would try it and love it I’m sure.


500g sample packs limited to one per customer ftw


Thank you for the feedback, Christina. I think you raise some good points. I’ll pass them all on for sure. Sorry we haven’t given the UU the justice you think it deserves! No offence intended :blush:


Had I tried a sample of UU first I might never have gone any further with Huel. I tried new vanilla and berry first and am so glad I did. I bought a bag of UU to try afterwards but find it far too bland. I am using it up half and half with vanilla or berry and with extra flavour boost or on its own with frozen berries blended in.


Yeah, no sample pack is the killer for me. I’m not buying $66 of food that I might not be able to stand.


My tastes have changed since I said that about UU. I love it now :yum:


Exactly why there’s no sample packs! If you’d just tasted your first attempt at a shake you wouldn’t be here today, getting healthier


Yes indeedy! :grin:


I think you could do like a big sample bundle. So like charge people for the full price of a standard bag but its actually four or five smaller bags to sample. So they’re still giving huel a chance, its the same amount of powder, just split into multiple packs.


One of each flavour bars and one of each RTD…and some powdered would be good.


Hi guys

I have wanted to try Huel for a long time and feel like it is something I would enjoy. However don’t feel comfortable having to purchase a large amount of something which I may not like.

I have made that mistake before, and would urge you to reconsider your position and perhaps offer easier ways to taste. I also understand you offer pre made Huel, but this also appears only in bundles.

Even if you offered a smaller amount for £10-15 and instructions on how best to enjoy would encourage people to try.

Your customers seem happy and have also been trying to promote your product by giving people a small amount, I just don’t really understand why you don’t offer more flexibility.

Perhaps a money back guarantee on your first ever order if you aren’t happy?!

If you did, I would be the first to pay.

Kind regards


You can send back any unused bags for a refund.

So in reality you are having to buy one bag (as min order is 2), which is about enough to get started.


So if a min order is £45 then I could send back for a refund of £22.50, assuming I buy one flavour and don’t like the taste.

My point here is that all the risk is on the customer!? If the product is as good as they say, why not let the customer try risk free or for less money?

I understand the feedback said that people didn’t like it, but some must have otherwise you wouldn’t have any customers.


The reason for no sample packs is explained below


I kinda agree it would be good to have sample packs, especially now there are a variety of pre-mix flavours to choose from.
On my first order I chose New Vanilla, Berry and Unflavoured. I had to give the Berry away it was so bad, the vanilla I could work with but didn’t buy again, and the unflavoured I love.
Now my regular orders are Unflavoured, Original and Mint-Choc. I also regularly buy the caramel, cacao, mint-choc and mocha flavour boosts.

I can see Huel’s stance on this. It takes a bit of time and practice and experimentation (no. of scoops, flavour, amount of water, blend or shake, refrigerate etc) to find your own personal perfect Huel. Most people would try it once and give up. But if you’ve bought two bags of the stuff you feel obligated to try to find a way to make it nice. And inevitably pretty much everyone does! And once you’ve found your perfect recipe you will love it and be grateful for persevering.

Personally, I would recommend buying a bag of Original and one of Unflavoured, plus a couple of boxes of sample flavour boosts. This is by far the most versatile combination. If you find Original too sweet you can add Unflavoured to tone it down. If you find Unflavoured too oaty you can add flavour boosts or fruit or coffee or peanut butter or flavour drops or boosts - the possibilities are endless.
Always refrigerate your Huel for at least 3 hours before consuming. And ask the forum for help or ideas if you are struggling to find something that works for you.


I get what your saying - but…
You could get it even cheaper.
You’ll find a £10 off code for Huel easy enough, and if you set up a subscription (it can be cancelled anytime), you’re now down to about £30.50 to buy your first 2 bags, a shaker and a t-shirt.
That’s how I looked at it - that’s a weeks worth of sandwiches at work lunchtimes.
And after 5 days of trying it, you’ll of grown to get on with the flavour and texture, so you’ll leave your subscription active, and increase your order.
If you don’t get on with it, send a bag back, sell it on here, or put it on eBay. It will sell. And you’ll of had an extended trial for around £15, have a Huel shirt and shaker.



Im confused that these are the lengths the consumer has to go to, just to try it. I would still urge Huel to adopt more flexibility rather than force you down this path. I mean, I don’t want a T Shirt I just want to try 1 shake.

But I’ll leave it there as its a larger commitment. Hopefully they take this advice on board and decide with getting their product out there to try, as they seem odly reluctant to do so.

Thanks for your replies too.


@Markios I think this is the idea behind the RTD bottles - to allow a wider consumer audience to try the product.
The ready to drink will become available as single bottles soon. It’s already available in London and it’s only a matter of time before we see it on supermarket shelves.
In the meantime you might be able to purchase a single bottle from someone that doesn’t mind posting you one. I don’t have any so can’t offer. But I’d suggest the RTD is a better way to try a single drink than the powder. Very few people like their shake the very first time as it takes practice to get right


It’s really not cost effective to send a single bottle through UK mail though, plus the hassle of having to fill in a declaration form saying it is liquid etc…there’s a few bottles for sale on eBay


It’s almost as if we know this…:thinking:! A much better solution would be to add individual RTDs to your order. I.E. you purchase powder, you get the option to add one RTD for £/$/Euros[x], that way we bypass needing to pass postage costs onto you guys.