Would prefer a clear version of the new shaker

I guess I’m just a visual person and prefer to see things? I mean, yes, it’s not a huge deal to NOT be able to see how much is left, but if I had the choice, I would rather see it. Maybe I only want/need 200cal now and save 200cal for later/tomorrow? Even if I drank it all in one sitting (as I normally do), I still like the visual feedback as I drink it. Again, not a huge deal, but given the old transparent one and the new opaque one, I find myself using the old one. Not just to see how much is left, but on top of the other reasons I gave: easier to fill exactly to the line (I’m OCD like that), and plain to see what’s inside the next day after I mixed it ahead of time.

As others have said, it helps to eyeball the amount of water in there if topping up with more Huel.

Also, to see what shake I have. Also I color coordinate them. I start my day with 5 huels, two are modified ones (One scoop Huel one scoop Protein). These sit at different water levels and have a different consistency which I can tell by looking at them. Couple that with the clear and the grey shakers, I know what is flavored what.

Hope this makes sense, happy to elaborate if anyone is genuinly interested :slight_smile:

I also like to see how much is in there for a few reasons. Telling which flavour you’re about to drink being the main one possibly (I make three for work everyday)

My cleaning method works better with the old one too.

Whilst aesthetically pleasing and nicer to drink from the old shaker is preferable to me personally for the time being. I’m glad it’s proved popular for many though!

I agree. If it was clear it would be beneficial for both learning styles. Why not appeal to both types of folks? Design is great mind but a fair point. You could do a clear strip down the side. So it’s mostly white but then visual learners can see the most vital aspect of their cup. :sunglasses:

Although I have to say I find it more annoying having to hold the lid when it’s removed… I liked how the other one just kind of sat there.

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Understood. We haven’t ruled it out, but one of the reasons we went opaque was to make it look good all the time/make it cool.

  • When the Buchsteiner is half full Huel looks streaky, gritty and unappealing.
  • Someone who sees this resting on someone’s desk will not thing Huel is a cool brand to be part of

An additional benefit of an opaque shaker is that it’s going to avoid some unwanted conversations about your lunch. This might not be an issue for you and clearly we love people talking about Huel, but for some it is.

Appreciate the comments though. I do feel like for some of you it is the change as opposed to a problem with the shaker. I don’t mean that at all condescendingly, but just like when people freaked out when Facebook launched ‘Timeline’ and then a few weeks later we had forgotten what the old one was like. It just took a little getting used to.

Equally, if you prefer the old shaker, carry on, we’re still selling them and won’t be offended! It’s great you now have a choice!

We did consider this, the problem is that it would involve 2 different machines to do it, which would increase complexity/production time. I think overall the design wouldn’t look so clean either. Sorry to be just shooting down ideas, we honestly thought about this a lot!

We felt that the benefits of not having Huel drip on your shoulder/head with the cap sitting there outweighed the inconvenience of the removable cap.

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I worry that I’d lose a completely clear/transparent shaker.

Much like my old camouflage pants… which were the most comfortable pants I ever wore. I put them down once and never saw them again :frowning:


as a suggestion - in the case of where you have multiple shakers made up to drink - you could label them with a whiteboard marker on the white plastic part.

Utterly ruined my joke asking how you’d see black marker on the black plastic :frowning:

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be flash and use a white ink wipe off marker?

Well I like the new shaker. I’m able to see how much water I’m putting in, other than that I don’t need to see the contents once it’s mixed. If I had three different flavoured shakes in the fridge and didn’t know which was which I would take the lid off and look, sniff and/or taste to remind myself. As it is, these days, I tend to mix a shake just before consuming it and don’t leave any for later.
Having said all that, I do appreciate that we are all different and see and do things in different ways.

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I still miss chronological posts from everyone I follow on IG :frowning: Thanks for reminding me @Tim_Huel :frowning:

More relevant, I really like the new shaker. Yes it’s annoying when filling if I decide to shake before fully adding liquids because it ‘blurs’ it all up though I do usually blend beforehand. It looks neat though, seals well, blends fine if I don’t have time to use a proper blender and shake to mix, easy to carry, and can put the lid to one side and not get Huel on my nose when drinking.

Haha @Tristan such a ‘Dad joke’ :laughing:

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback all, important to keep it coming and talk about this, so we really appreciate it. I’ve no doubt there will be different colours of shaker at some point, so perhaps transparent will be in the mix.

Slightly off topic below sorry, can’t stop me talking about social media :upside_down_face:

I believe on Twitter you can toggle this on and off now, I don’t think IG will follow suit though. Interestingly, when posts were chronological though people apparently missed

70% of all their posts in Feed including almost half of posts from their close connections.”

So in that way I’m grateful, otherwise you just had a ton of people posting at 8pm or midday or whatever and your feed would be chaos.

(@Ash) and if you don’t want to write on the bottle but still want to distinguish different bottles from each other, then those breadbag-sealer-type clips can be repurposed as bottle markers.
I write on them, then wrap-fasten them around the handle-part.
They’re not really in the way, I remove them before washing the bottle, and should they “break” then they’re relatively easy to replace (as long as I buy bread or something-similarly-packaged).

The clip marked “lunch” has been put on, the clip marked “frukost” (breakfast) isn’t on yet.


Tim: You could add a transparent Line that could be like 1cm Wide from the bortom to THE top of the shaker? This Line could include messurement Marks in ml and cups etc? This could be on one of the sides of the shaker, so the rest of the shaker could keep the previous cool non transparent plastic design :slight_smile: . Wouldnt that be a cool feature? And a good compromise?

I love the new shaker but would like the water level to be more visible on the inside, it’s hard to see the little ridge. Far prefer it to the old one though

I have no problems with the transparency of the new shaker, it’s completely fine. Although getting the powder in it is a bit more difficult now as the neck is narrower.

time to use the newly discovered lid funnel technique :grinning:


If you were truly OCD you’d be using a scale for the water as well.

Take the lid off and you can ogle what’s left if you need visual feedback.

shots fired! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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