Fan of the design mostly. Only downside is I used to sometimes chuck some frozen fruit in and then use a stick blender to blend it all up. That doesn’t fit in the new blender. More washing up to do if I do want to blend something which is a shame.

is it a particularly large hand blender? I have the Tefal Optichef model and that fits in the new shaker.

I have no idea if it’s abnormally large TBH. It’s almost exactly the diameter of the new bottle.

That would work, but shows a fundamental design flaw I’m afraid, if we have to use another implement, container in order to measure out it kind of defeats the object. Saying that, I’m going by consistency and guestimating/topping up.

BTW I still really like the design and general ‘performance’, no issues with scoop or my hand blender.

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Even the fill line that’s there is pretty hard to see, so I went ahead and made measurements based on the logo. Approximately if the liquid is at the top of the letters:
H 275ml
U 375ml
E 475ml
L 500ml

Good enough, haha.


I also experience the ‘weeping’ when I rinse out and not dry properly, but after reading about it here it does seem to be only water droplets and no leaks.
I like the ‘discrete’ design, it could almost pass as a waterbottle. Great for shy people like me who don’t always feel like inviting questions about my eating lifestyle in public.


Agree. At first getting the scoop of powder into the shaker was like this (powder goes everywhere)

Though, after some practice, it’s more like this… (minimal powder missed)


So glad to hear that. We love people talking about Huel together but lets be honest, not everyone wants a conversation about how different their lunch is compared to colleagues tupperware of last nights dinner or their meal deal sarnie. Glad to hear you’re feeling less conscious of it so you can enjoy your Huel in peace!

@anon40342979 practice makes perfect!

Hello @Tim_Huel the new scoops are okeish, I am thinking about using the old scoop which is narrower.

Algo, a problem is the Huel grids and the grid lines of the scoop that always have Huel. That is even dangerous if you dont clean them and gets contaminated after 1 month of usage… its also very difficult to clean without a brush.

Looks good but is not useful

Not sure what you mean here.

But surely that could apply to anything that holds foodstuffs and doesn’t get cleaned properly.

As mentioned on Reddit by some user

This is what happens, and the powder once it gets stuck is not very easy to remove. The other scoops maintained “clean” much longer than the new ones.

I used to clean the scoops like once per month, but now on the first use gets the powder stuck.



Ah I see now, thanks. I haven’t got one of the new scoops yet so couldn’t imagine what you meant.

Yes I saw that Reddit post. To clarify, you aren’t saying that the shaker has this same problem (like on the lanyard), just that the continuation of that design style onto the scoop causes problems.

I totally see this, I will raise with the folks who have designed the scoop. Although I don’t understand the concern about it being dangerous/contaminated. Messy, yes. If you just left the scoop in the pouch before then the powder in these lines doesn’t change that. I just wash the scoop after the pouch is finished and leave it in the rest of the time, is that what you do with yours?

Thanks for flagging though, can see this being messy and annoying.

Yeah same here - its the most convenient method.

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I try to have my hands clean before using the scoop but you never know when handling food.

Having to touch the same old powder stuck in those lines is not nice. Also with the new scoop I always get my thumb “dirty” with powder. First world problems, but, if there were a contamination problem, that I have never suffered with Huel, those lines have some possibilities of being the reason.

Me too, Tim.
Always advisable to have clean hands before handling food anyway.

You want to get a bottle sponge they are brilliant for cleaning the new shaker, and other bottles obviously.

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Horrified :joy: I actually noted that if you shine a light (like the one on your phone) from the base of the bottle it’s transparent enough to illuminate the inside of the bottle and you can see through the plastic. Would be awesome if there was a set of huel kitchen scales with an led in the middle that to could stand the bottle on. I know it’s overkill etc etc but still looks cool while you make your huel.


That’s actually such a cool idea. But would probably annoy people a lot! I love the concept though!

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Might be time to update this graphic?