Would prefer a clear version of the new shaker

I wonder if Spock got farted on often when he did a mind meld?

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makes a change

The accuracy of the cap flip to blob on ones nose was uncanny.
Over a year of having old shaker carefully in bag5-6 days a week for work by public transit, the lid only came off twice, which all things considered isn’t bad.
I much prefer believing the new one would only leak due to user error.

Ha possibly, sorry, I didn’t mean it harshly.

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No don’t worry, didn’t take it personally, was just highlighting it wasn’t purely vanity-based!

was it a disaster or was it OK? I feel like it coming off once and leaking all over a bag is one time too many!

It was one time too many, old style isn’t meant for banging about in bag, it had fallen over both times. After first I isolated it in another bag so damage mitigated the second time.


Hi, how about the best of both worlds, an opaque shaker with a clear window running down the side, vertical wise.

PS. Many shakers I have seen and used are clear.

Yeah it’s a cool idea! It would basically involve two processes to get the clear window which would hike up the price. I.e. we would need to basically move the shaker from one machine to another. Or create a machine that would do both, but both options would increase the cost significantly, from either the labour or the machine. This would make it less viable for us to give them away with every order. Sorry if that all sounds super boring and obtuse of me.

The main constraint when making this shaker was to keep the cost down enough to make them free to everyone. Love the ideas though and keep 'em coming!


Speaking of the lid coming off. One summer a few years ago I bought a tin of varnish and some other bits from B&Q and the lid came off it when dumping it all into the passenger footwell. It went all over the place and it had half dried by the time I had got home. I had to replace the doorcard but everything else I did manage to peal off after many hours of cleaning.

you could have just carried on and laminated the whole interior with it? save a fortune on car cleaning :slight_smile:

I can’t get my hand in the new one to clean it properly, ended up getting one of those bottle brushes.

Maybe a wider shorter one would have worked? (So long as it fits in the fridge door).

no one should have to go through this. That sounds awful. How long did the smell last?!

This was a big one for sure, getting that diameter right. I think I’ve posted about this somewhere…here

I know it isn’t ideal, but getting a bottle brush is pretty cheap and easy to do, and it means we can have a shaker that everyone can get their hand around and use, and it looks great - woop :raised_hands:

I’ve got a shorter wider 3D print somewhere, but it’s very dumpy and looks strange.


that was one of my (multiple) issues with the ShakeSpheres - too short and wide so were very ungainly to handle unless you’ve got very big hands. Unless you put a mixer ball in it too, it was also very bad at getting a smooth shake - too much volume in their I guess.

It was a proper mare but I don’t remember a smell actually to be honest.

My missus tipped a tin of Farrow and ball paint over the back of her mini a few years ago. I’m surprised we managed to get it looking like nothing had ever happened to the car.