Daily Greens has landed in the UK 💚

Ok so I also experienced severe vomiting the last day, about an hour after consuming daily greens.

Having read this forum a few prefaces:

  1. Of course I can’t ‘prove’ categorically that it was the fault of daily greens or know with certainty that it caused me to feel unwell

  2. I’ve used it the last two weeks on and off. Sometimes on consecutive days and sometimes on alternate days depending on my needs. I didn’t feel unwell on those occasions. I think a food allergy is unlikely.

  3. I hadn’t consumed any other supplements or consumed other Huel products

In my case I’d eaten some cereal around the same time with oat milk and had some toast. I then went on a video call for about an hour and suddenly had a wave of nausea come over me. It felt weird as I haven’t felt like that or vomited in over 8 years. I’m in good health, I’m young and of reasonable fitness level. I have no known food allergies.

The symptoms first occurred about an hour after taking daily greens. Within ten minutes of the onset of nausea, I knew I was going to be sick. It was just inevitable. When I chucked it was bright green which is perhaps unsurprising.

I absolutely can’t rule out that it was something else that caused it. But having done some lurking in other forums and Reddit, it does seem like there are several similar experiences. It could be purely coincidental 100%. Perhaps it was something else that I ate. I’m not sure I would risk taking it again just in case. There are other reported cases where repeated use has yielded the same result. I’m not going to test that theory.

So again, this post isn’t intended to be accusatory or to state that the product is faulty. But it would be remiss not to share my experience. Just incase.

I’ve been using huel black for years, instant meals and bars too. I’ll continue to use those but I’m going to give this one a miss as I having caring responsibilities and can’t take the risk of being unwell. I hope that Huel do at the very least note the feedback. Even if there is a 0.1% chance of an issue, food safety is extremely serious business and shouldn’t be dismissed or swept aside as ‘somebody just googling symptoms’.

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All this talk of violent reactions to Daily Greens makes me think it must be really potent. I’ve had nausea after eating nutrient-boosting foods in the past, beetroot smoothies come to mind. Maybe people with sensitive stomachs might want to introduce DG gradually, give their systems a little time to adapt.

See, that’s how you write a well balanced post, “several similar experiences”, not “Hundreds of others” and “stop selling it” and “write a public apology”.


But it’s not really a ‘food safety’ issue is it?

No matter if there are a number of people who can’t tolerate it, it doesn’t make it an unsafe product. There are legal safeguards against unsafe products, and Daily Greens will have been tested and shown to be safe.

Possibly not. It may just be a case of as you say, intolerance. I suspect that’s even likely what the situation is for me. I say that because after I vomited, I felt a little under the weather for a couple of hours and was able to sleep it off. A genuine case of food poisoning lasts for a day or two. As does gastroenteritis.

How I felt passed pretty quickly which is why I am leaning more into thinking daily greens was the cause in my case. As what occurred was about an hour after consumption and the feeling of being unwell passed way quicker than if something more sinister was the culprit.

If it’s just a simple intolerance or my stomach being overwhelmed, that’s one thing. In which case perhaps Huel could consider advising that introducing daily greens slowly may be recommended. I don’t usually have a sensitive stomach. I can eat just about anything including spicy food. But I guess daily greens has lots of ingredient and as folks have pointed out is quite potent.

Is this a food safety issue? Highly unlikely I’d imagine. Still I think highlighting experiences like this is useful to help people make their own informed choices. And to hopefully lead to a better product or usage guidance.


Sorry to hear this is the experience you’ve had with this. Not an ideal first post on the forum so I’m sorry about this :sleepy:

I can see that you’ve reached out to us via email. This will be thoroughly investigated and looked into right away for you :heart:

Oh this just isn’t good to read. Sorry, your experience has been the same and also this is your first post here as well. Sorry it’s a negative one :heart:

I’ve tried to get your email of discourse but sadly its not there! Can you drop us an email to team@huel.com and in the subject heading put “FAO Nutrition” and this will get picked up by our team and they’ll be able to help. They’ve had the heads up so will pick this up as soon as they can once its in :heart:

Maca root is something that the body doesn’t digest well or in fact can hence gelatinised maca root is recommended. Folk with sensitive stomachs and digestion have bad results when ttaking maca root. I used to take maca and had many trips to the loo because of it.

Thanks Mark! Will do :ok_hand:

Interesting…that’s really good information to know. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

I found it absolutely disgusting. I didnt hear any reference to the fact that it is only available sweetened with stevia. I really hate stevia. Even a small amount of greens mixed in with regular UU Huel made it horrible.

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I’m about two-weeks into my first bag of Green & quite liking it, I think I’ll stick with it.

  • 250ml water is indeed a bit long / thin, so will try 200ml as others have mentioned (thanks)
  • other regular Huel meals are usually just Carbonara for lunch most days & occasional Peanut Caramel bar
  • don’t eat enough fresh fruit & veg, so feeling a bit better about things with Green, but know I should try harder
  • only side-effect I’ve noticed so far is increased ‘wind’, but seems to be reducing slowly as I get used to it …

and here’s to the monthly tradition of begging to bring this stuff to the EU.



They won’t listen I’m afraid. Once upon a time they may have but unfortunately @Huelio_Iglesias2 ruined it by doing the same every month for UK. They launched it here just for him.and he suddenly shut up about it and didn’t bother.

yeah, i’m trying to copy successful people here.

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I’ve been a HUEL user for years now and proudly wear my 1000 meal T shirt to the gym. Was excited to see Daily Greens come to the UK as involved in the Mountain Bike world and am bombarded with AG1 ads. Ordered it the day it came out but every time I drink it, I get nausea, not sick but feels like I am pregnant again and am certainly not! I’ve tried different water amounts, necking it, sipping it over an hour but it’s more than a coincidence now. Googled it and found a few comments on Reddit and now here. Just feedback as I really like the idea of it. On the positive it does seem to zen me out. Coming out of divorce and stress has been high so was pleased to feel this but nausea bounces in afterwards.

Having had an adverse reaction myself, led me to here.

Took Daily Greens for 2 weeks without issue, didn’t take to the taste, but certainly manageable. Took a weekend off as travelling, returned to the greens upon my return and was hit with a very severe bout of sickness and diarrhea. I initially put this down to something dodgy I’d maybe eaten, i took a break from Greens for a couple of days whilst I was recovering. The day of returning to the greens again, I had severe diarrhea and nausea.

I too found similar comments, albeit from one source, with others who seemingly had very similar experiences. Not here to bash Huel in any way, but sharing my experience may help others take solace if experiencing the same reaction.

Worth mentioning that this is my first delve into green shakes, maybe an intolerance or an overload.

Firstly, sorry to hear this.
Can you get in touch with our customer experience team, team@huel.com so they can ask you some questions about this experience? :pray:
Would you be able to include the batch information (lot number, expiry date, and time stamp, if available)

Sorry to hear this, as above please can you get in touch with our customer experience team, team@huel.com so they can ask you some questions about this experience? :pray:
Please include the batch information (lot number, expiry date, and time stamp, if available)

I’ve persevered now and it’s all fine, guess body just adapting even though I’ve been a daily Huel black user for years. Will continue as feeling other benefits

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