How do you flavour your Huel?


That could work…not tried it…I like bakewell tart trek bars.


I’ve not tried Trek bars yet. I’m a real fan of Nakd bars, the limited edition lemon drizzle flavour is nice. I’ve also wondered about a ginger cake flavoured huel. I really wish I could find some savoury flavours I like cos I really crave savoury once I’ve had a day of huels, but I’m yet to find one that I like. And the couple I tried and didn’t like have REALLY put me off. Wonder if there’ll be any savoury huel samples at the HQ day in September…


sorry, my mistake. bakewell tart is nakd not trek…same company tho…


The wilton ones would be great I think, too much can be overpowering so be careful. Lakeland also sell baking flavourings, but you can often find interesting ones in supermarkets with the usual flavourings like vanilla, lemon and almond extracts.™-Natural-Flavouring
if you are based in the US, I think the brands you mentioned would be the best bet- they’re all similar products. The US brands have more variety.


I found this a couple of days ago and thought it might be worth a try as an easy new flavouring:

20g Linwoods flax, chia, apple & cinnamon
50g U/U
50g vanilla Huel
500ml water

Result! I don’t know how it works out nutritionally, but it tastes great!


Just tried with 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder with 100g of UU Huel, not a fan at all. Is there anyway of getting a genuine chocolate flavour with UU, even the chocolate mix that Huel offer doesn’t really do it and it’ll be incredibly expensive as I’m having to use 2 heaped teaspoons to get it alright.


I’m trying Ceylon Cinnamon, with Vanilla Huel, really nice it is too.


First huel delivery due tomorrow, thanks for all the great ideas…

Some I plan to try (because I have the ingredients to hand):
Peanut butter, sainsbury’s low salt fake marmite and cucumber (it’s my fav sandwich filling…)
Miso soup
Frozen mango
Cocoa + malt extract

I’ll report back…


With a good blender is as easy as putting some real chocolate (tablet) inside and blend it. I haven’t try cause I’m not a very fan of sweets :lollipop:


Has anyone tried using freeze dried fruit powders or freeze dried fruits to flavour their Huel?


Yes, I did. It’s ok, but nothing compared to just frozen fruits.


Unflavoured, one garlic clove, 1/2 tsp fresh ginger, juice of half a lemon plus 1 cup of milk kefir made with skimmed milk and 1 tsp tumeric. Lush (to me anyway).


This morning I used vanilla huel with cut up frozen bananas and vanilla extract, it was like a delicious frozen yoghurt ice cream!


I’ve been contemplating blending some branston pickle with my vanilla huel. I expect I’ll down about half before projectile vomiting all over my computer.

I shall keep you updated.


Feel free to video the experience & share the 'url :wink:


You can’t just do Branston Pickle, you have to put it with something, throw in a pork pie and then see how it tastes.



Will upload video.


As promised. Here’s what happens when you add Branston Pickle to Vanilla Huel.


I watched the vid but didn’t have any speakers on at the time. Can I assume from the expression on your face that it was a success?


My current routine is just using UU with some freshly ground black pepper or cacao powder or a combination of the two. Sounds weird but gives it a subtle improvement without adding any sugar.

I also take turmeric capsules and the pepper makes it more bio-available – the combination is meant to be a good anti-inflammatory.