How do you flavour your Huel?


Tried 200g of Vanilla Huel with a scoop of Chocolate Stevia protein powder, split in half for 2 shakes. Actually tasted quite nice and enjoyable.


I’m sure this has been said before but I am so impressed with how delicious a maple cinnamon huel is.
I use about 2.5-3.5 scoops of huel, roughly 50:50 Vanilla:U/U, and about 250ml of lactose free milk or milk alternative and 250-350ml of water, with 1-2tsp of maple syrup and probably 1/3rd tsp cinnamon. Tastes like an oat cookie milkshake.
(I use huel mainly because I have difficulty eating a decent breakfast on work days, so I’m not as precise as some users)
Has anyone tried this or similar in huel?


I have bought these Alnatura soup cubes, and they are pretty delicious with U/U! Had chicken one yesterday, and beef today. Tastes very decent, a thick soup, fills you up really nicely and it’s nice and warm.


Tried today with U/U:
Spicy paprika, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.
Never. Again.


With winter on the way I think it’s time to start experimenting with hot savoury huel. Im going to order a couple pf bags of UU with my next order. Like the stock cube idea. I tried a thai curry huel recipe a while back but it made me nauseous. Keep the suggestions coming.


I have recently tried Flavdrops from my protein they’re cheap and the peanut butter with chocolate or banana is really good with huel.


I have just found this thread… brilliant! I am seriously craving savoury since starting vanilla Huel. Which is ironic because I used to crave sugary stuff all the time!


i also prefer it chilled


I live in Glastonbury…I prefer everything chilled.


Barfff !!! sounds revolting !


I have started adding Bell Plantation PB2 Peanut Butter powder to my vanilla Huel, blending using the Breville Active for a smooth and delicious breakfast.

12g of Bell Plantation PB2 Peanut Butter is 45 calories :slight_smile:


Tried U/U with Marmite (1 tbsp) today, ugh. Very bland. I will stick to my soup cubes :slight_smile:


Raspberries are amazing! Just a small handful in the blender…


I chopped up some dried forest mushrooms and added them, a chicken stock pot and 100ml soya milk to 2 scoops of UU Huel and 350ml water, it was very tasty.

I’ve also made a pumpkin spice mix which just gets better the longer you leave it mixed in the fridge with 1 scoop vanilla and 1 scoop UU.


I have not read through the enitre thread, so perhaps people have tried the same flavouring combinations as me, but anyways, these are my favourites:

Blueberry and vanila:
1-2 scoops vanilla huel, a handful of frozen blueberries, either water or some unsweetened plant milk (I prefer almond), caloriefree sweetner (not stevia), and vanilla extract or vanilla powder.

Chocolate Marzipan:
1-2 scoops vanilla huel, 1 tbsp almond butter (homemade), either water or unsweetened plank milk (almond) 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, calorie free sweetner (preferably not stevia), and more almond extract that I thought were necessary. Have to be chilled down to eat/drink.

1-2 scoops vanilla huel, 1 tbsp peanut butter, either water or unsweetened plant milk, 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, calorie free swetner (stevia with caramel taste for instance). Must be chilled.

Mango and vanilla:
1-2 scoops of vaila huel, 1 tbsp almond butter, water/plant milk, vanilla extract or powder, sweetner, a handful of frozen mango.

All combinations with cocoa powder is absolutely better if I make the night before and chill it in thre fridge overnight.


You could try the reduced salt version of marmite, you can buy it online.


Well I see lots of people suggest bovril, and lot’s of people say they were going to try it and then never come back about it.

So I can only assume they died.

However in the interests of science I too have bovril available and I too seek savoury meaty huel but without peanuts and therefore tomorrow I shall try it!

If you hear nothing from me then I died. I also only have vanilla huel and although I don’t find the vanilla that noticeable (2.2) so shouldn’t affect things I guess it does increase my chances of death.

If by some miracle I survive then my next mission with be to achieve spicy beef huel in honour of the nong shin spicy flavoured ramen, and then I’ll try and work out a way to get something like a chicken katsu flavoured huel as alternative to the chicken peanut curry for the fellow peanut haters…

Why the risks you ask? I’m just finding currently that after drinking my current sweet flavoured Huel (regardless of actual flavour), I’m craving immediately something savoury, and I’ve always found savoury items more filling anyway.

Edit: Another thought just entered my head unbidden… cheese. I wonder if one of the strongly flavoured cheese spreads could somehow be made to work mixed with something…


Iso -Reading this made me laugh. I can’t imagine Bovril working with vanilla huel. Have you tried adding a pinch of salt to your huel when mixing? Doesn’t make it taste salty but it should reduce savoury cravings.


We wish you well, brave Hueler.

giphy-downsized (14)


I did not die!

I don’t think I used enough bovril…

Apparently some had obviously been appropriated without my knowledge for cooking purposes, and what I ended up with was about a teaspoon and a half.

Now if I was clever I wouldn’t have tried this at all, if I was semi clever I’d have used less Huel and or water, but as demonstrated I am neither of these things, so 400ml of hot water (I didn’t want to risk this being cold, cold bovril is grim), my teaspoon and a half of bovril, and 3 scoops of Vanilla Huel (I have no unflavoured and unlikely to do so until it’s available in smaller bags) topped with 100ml of cold water.

First thing to be aware of is for science reasons you will end up with positive air pressure in the bottle so be careful shaking.

Second thing, it’s not horrid, it’s not nice it’s just sort of weird it’s sort of like you can tell the bovril is there but it’s kind of sweet as well, the Huel thickened quite a bit too, I mean I would have probably finished it but I’d still write this recipe up as a fail.

But then as if you needed additional evidence of my foolishness instead of leaving it there I put 3 spoonfuls of Bisto in there to try and replace the bovril. OXO probably would have been better, but Bisto is what we had and in fairness I kind of expected it would go badly but at this point I figured I had nothing to lose. My expectations were proved right as the meaty flavour came out a bit more but the sweetness is still there, and the huel has thickened even more and now the texture is quite unpleasant, like trying to drink thick Bovril flavoured cake batter. I then added more water to try and resolve the texture issues and although that’s made more palatable I’ve now lost my appetite and the rest will be going down the sink.

I think if my cupboard wasn’t currently annoying devoid of any suitable spices some heat might have balanced it all out a bit, but at this stage I’m very happy to call the recipe a fail. I do not call the entire experiment a fail however as at this moment I am most definitely now NOT HUNGRY, and therefore may have invented a new line in food craving preventing diet food…

I may being a glutton for punishment revisit this in future, when I have appropriated suitable spices, and restocked my bovril. I don’t think next time I’ll use 3 scoops of huel though due to the aforementioned thickening issue.