How do you flavour your Huel?


For those wanting an uncomplicated vegan savoury Huel, we’ve been having a good degree of success recently with 400ml tomato juice, 3 scoops of U/U, some smoked paprika (contrary to @BenTheBus’s experience), tabasco or other chilli, and topped up with water. 400ml tomato juice adds 80kcal to the meal, i.e. 16% more calories. If counting calories, an easy compensation would be to simply use 2½ scoops of Huel instead of three, giving 497 calories.

This can be made successfully by hand in the shaker.


I’m drinking 4 scoops of U/U Huel with a heaped teaspoon of Marmite left in the fridge overnight right now.
It’s not bad. Not something I’d want all the time but nice to mix it up a bit


I add a a banana to vanilla Huel, & in addition to the initial 400ml of water I use 170ml of unsweetened soya milk.

Very nice :slight_smile:


Ever since I tried (and loved) the peanut curry recipe, I’ve been considering experimenting with savoury Huel options. I’ve always preferred my porridge savoury than sweet.

Today I did:
-Half a tin of Heinz cream of mushroom soup
-Enough boiling hot water to make up 500ml of liquid.
-A pinch of Marigold vegetable bouillon powder
-100g of UU Huel
-Black pepper

All in a small cup blender. It wasn’t hot enough out of the blender so I microwaved it for 30 seconds before eating it as a proper soup with a spoon. It was delicious! Very creamy and so comforting for a rainy day like today. The only issue was that it felt like a huge portion (even though it was the same size as my usual coffee breakfast Huel). Next time I will probably use 80g of Huel instead.

The cream of mushroom soup added 107kcal and 1.2g of salt to my meal but I’m fine with that.


Half a teaspoon of nutmeg, half a teaspoon of moch with one scoop vanilla and one scoop UU.
It’s the hound’s testicles shaken 20seconds in Huel shaker and chilled overnight 300nL water 100 mL skimmed milk.


I’m so glad you don’t use a blender. Lycopene is one thing…


What is a moch?!


mocha I reckon


One handed typing due to broken wrist - meant to be mocha! Could’ve been moth but I find the fluffy antennae a bit tickly on the way down.


…and it gives you butterflies in the stomach.

Was the broken wrist due to shaking Huel too vigorously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking for fast weight loss

Lately I’ve been using the Sainsburys My Goodness, frozen smoothie mixes the beetroot one and the greens one with U/U Huel. The result is neither too sweet nor too savoury. I really like them. My other current favourites are banana and cinnamon or just cinnamon and nutmeg.
I tried bovril but hated the thick gloopy texture, same with mushroom soup which is disappointing.


I’ve just discovered Alpro’s dairy-free milks, which I use 50/50 with water. The hazelnut is gorgeous, but a bit of a bugger to blend as it tries to go rock solid, but worth it for the taste (low sugar too!). There’s a vanilla soy milk (a little sugar heavy) - wonderful if, like me, you have a fascination with the vanilla bean. The milks make Huel somewhat more robust: you sure know when you’ve had a meal


Ive just started with huel - I thought I’d have a problem with the vanilla to start with, but got used to it within a couple of days- still a bit sweet though, so next time I’m going 50% unflavoured. Coffee and cinnamon are great - I’ve got a nutmeg and clove in the fridge which tastes promising.


I liked this idea, and put a couple of bananas in the freezer yesterday. Went to try it just now, and of course I couldn’t get the peel off ! I guess i should have peeled them first, duh :roll_eyes:

Now I’m going to try microwaving a frozen banana for a few seconds… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you. I thought only I was daft enough to do that :grin:


Oh good, not just me then. :grinning:


3 scoops vanilla huel +1 inch cinnamon stick + 1/3 whole nutmeg.
Nutribullet for 1 minute
Tastes like creme brulee :grinning:


Wow, I’m so surprised that a cinnamon stick blended!


Nutribullets are great! :grinning:


Once it defrosted (very quick, didn’t need the microwave), it just went to mush and was dee-licious with the Huel.