How do you flavour your Huel?

  1. Hazelnut Coffee Cold Brew + Huel Chocolate flavor boost + Powdered Cinnamon + Vanilla Huel
  2. Vanilla Huel + Pumpkin Pie Spice + Honey

Make your own cold brew:

  • 250grams coffee beans
  • Grind coffee in the coarsest grind (slightly coarser than for french press)
  • Get a big bowl, add the coffee grind + 1litre of cold water
  • Let sit for 24hrs in the fridge (covered)
  • Using a strainer (round metal ones work) pass all the brew and let the grinds strain for a while.
  • Add a paper towel to the strainer and pass again to get rid of the smaller particles in the brew.
  • Put in a sealable bottle or jar. This can last weeks to months in the fridge.


Too much milk makes me gassy so I add just a little cream to the water mix to enrich the flavor.

I’ve recently tried adding Naked brand juice mixes to it as well. (Because I’m too lazy to chop and blend) and the strawberry banana flavor in vanilla huel with a little cream and just a tablespoon of natural cane sugar is absolutely devine. I’ve thought about trying Carrot juice to get maybe a carrot cake flavor but I wasn’t brave enough to experiment with that yet.


I just tried by accident …
Vanilla Huel (not the new version) with vanilla extract (baking isle flavouring) as I didn’t check the label when I poured it in … AND then I added salted caramel flavouring (the one I was supposed to put in, in the first place )
A little sweet but certainly palatable :+1:


Peanut butter and mocha flavour - delicous


Tried something new this morning. Using U/U as a base, I added a teaspoon each of turmeric powder, paprika, cacao and mocha flavour boost.

I know it sounds a bit weird but it was strangely nice.


This sounds interesting. Chilli and chocolate is a good combo so I can see your take on it working too. Will give it a go, thanks!


Made Katsu curry Huel today.

In the shaker, dissolve a chicken stock cube in a bit of hot water. Add half a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of soy sauce.

Top up with cold water then add your usual dosage of Huel and on top of that, a couple of heaped teaspoons of Katsu curry powder (or just regular curry powder as long as it includes star anise).

Shake it like a polaroid picture and leave in the fridge to improve texture.

Om nom nom.