How do you flavour your Huel?

  1. Hazelnut Coffee Cold Brew + Huel Chocolate flavor boost + Powdered Cinnamon + Vanilla Huel
  2. Vanilla Huel + Pumpkin Pie Spice + Honey

Make your own cold brew:

  • 250grams coffee beans
  • Grind coffee in the coarsest grind (slightly coarser than for french press)
  • Get a big bowl, add the coffee grind + 1litre of cold water
  • Let sit for 24hrs in the fridge (covered)
  • Using a strainer (round metal ones work) pass all the brew and let the grinds strain for a while.
  • Add a paper towel to the strainer and pass again to get rid of the smaller particles in the brew.
  • Put in a sealable bottle or jar. This can last weeks to months in the fridge.


Too much milk makes me gassy so I add just a little cream to the water mix to enrich the flavor.

I’ve recently tried adding Naked brand juice mixes to it as well. (Because I’m too lazy to chop and blend) and the strawberry banana flavor in vanilla huel with a little cream and just a tablespoon of natural cane sugar is absolutely devine. I’ve thought about trying Carrot juice to get maybe a carrot cake flavor but I wasn’t brave enough to experiment with that yet.


I just tried by accident …
Vanilla Huel (not the new version) with vanilla extract (baking isle flavouring) as I didn’t check the label when I poured it in … AND then I added salted caramel flavouring (the one I was supposed to put in, in the first place )
A little sweet but certainly palatable :+1:


Peanut butter and mocha flavour - delicous


Tried something new this morning. Using U/U as a base, I added a teaspoon each of turmeric powder, paprika, cacao and mocha flavour boost.

I know it sounds a bit weird but it was strangely nice.


This sounds interesting. Chilli and chocolate is a good combo so I can see your take on it working too. Will give it a go, thanks!


Made Katsu curry Huel today.

In the shaker, dissolve a chicken stock cube in a bit of hot water. Add half a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of soy sauce.

Top up with cold water then add your usual dosage of Huel and on top of that, a couple of heaped teaspoons of Katsu curry powder (or just regular curry powder as long as it includes star anise).

Shake it like a polaroid picture and leave in the fridge to improve texture.

Om nom nom.


I am new to Huel and I really like the concept and my experience with Huel has been great so far.
I ordered each “flavor” (original vanilla/vanilla improved, U/U) and I like every single one of them, because I think that every flavor serves its purpose - the new vanilla being quite sweet compared to the original one, so it’s perfect for my sweet tooth and of course the U/U is good for experiments.

Savory Huels are probably more difficult to make, but I want to share my “recipe” with you:

  • dissolve about 1 tsp of veggie stock in hot water
  • put appr. 400 ml of tomato juice into the shaker and add the stock
  • 3 scoops of U/U
  • shake shake shake
  • add about 1 tsp of Sriracha and 1 tsp soy sauce
  • add water or more tomato juice to your taste

You could probably also replace or add soy sauce with/to Worcestershire sauce, respectively.
I will try some herbs (thyme, basil, oregano) or maybe tomato paste next time, but I was in a rush.

Please forgive any grammar/spelling mistakes, I am not a native speaker :slight_smile:.



Replying to an old post as I searched for Vegemite and it’s not mentioned too much!

Made mine as a salted caramel kinda version using yogurt, Vegemite, milk, Vanilla Huel, grated dark chocolate, and a banana.

Sweeter than expected but not sure if I need to increase the Vegemite and/or reduce the chocolate.


My current favourite is two heaped teaspoons of caramel flavoured instant coffee, water, 100g Huel and a banana, all blended nicely :slight_smile:


I’m about to buy huel and my brain has literally gone crazy with loads of ideas of what to add to it either to flavour it, or to add certain extra nutrients I need in my special diet (mostly for me I have to have a lot of fibre and vitamin C). The ideas I have so far are the following, I hope to make a log or something to see how each experiment goes and how I have to adjust the water amount to get the texture I want :slight_smile:

Tomato (powder, might try puree but powder might mix better?) + dried or fresh basil
Finely grated cheese (will try cheddar, parmesan, think a hard cheese might work better?) or add a cheese sauce mix. If I can find some dried bacon or maybe even bacon seasoning or bacon bits from salad that might taste quite good with it, especially with the cheese or just bacon flavour on its own
Cinnamon (+/- nutmeg)
Teas of different kinds, especially green tea and chamomile tea I’d love to try (brewed and cooled slightly, no milk)
Oat milk, rice milk
Liquorice flavouring
Aniseed flavouring
Peppermint/spearmint oil + fresh mint
I’ve seen lots of other food flavourings that I might see if they work, especially ones like butterscotch, gingerbread, rose, violet, red velvet… they’re kind of meant for cakes but they can probably be added in small quantities.
Stock cubes/gravy in some form

Adding stuff in…
Milled seed mix (flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed)
Crumbled weetabix or possibly any cereal
Ground oats (or whole)
Sesame seeds
Poppy seeds

My friend suggested trying quinoa or semolina but as much as I love semolina I don’t know how on earth either would work haha. I might try adding some huel next time I make semolina pudding?

And then there’s obviously the flavour packets. I don’t know if half of these might work but if anyones interested I thought I might share my ideas, and if there are any that ruin it or don’t really work at all it might be useful to know if anything I’ve suggested changes the way huel works or anything?


@aj_160563’s kitchen for the next week! :point_down:


Let us know how they all go! Interested to hear the results on the tomato and basil idea :smiley:


Just ordered my first lot of Huel. Got to admit wasn’t fussed on it on the first go, 1.5 scoops of UU with a sample chocolate packed and 300ml of water. But i also ordered berry so i blended that up with some blueberries and it’s not that bad, i struggle to get to the end of it though as it warms up and starts to taste bad again.

So i have the UU to use up. I might start doing 2 scoops berry and 1 scoop UU blended with whatever i have lying around to add some taste. Or just continue sampling the flavour sets. Not sure if the flavour sets are really needed though as it just seems like another unnecessary expense.

I did add 1 scoop of UU into a beef stew the other night just for s***s and giggles, didnt change the taste and i question if it was beneficial from a nutrition perspective haha


My fav recipe is using coffee Huel:

Coffee choc chip.

2/3 Oat milk / 1/3 water
Plenty of ice
2 scoops coffee Huel
1 tsp coffee granules
1/2 tsp cocoa


Add in 1 tsp raw cacao nibs.

Shake and serve over ice!



Flavours I have tried
Vanilla Huel, almond milk, mixed berries, ice and blend
Same as above with a capful of almond essence, yummy treat! Bakewell flavoured!

Original, cocoa, wheatgrass and pb fit powdered peanut butter, water

Above replacing pb fit for coffee

Original, dates, cashew milk


U/U Huel 2x scoops
2 teaspons mild curry powder
2 Chicken Stock cubes (added some chicken gravy granules as well as wasnt strong enough for me)
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of honey
Half teaspoon chilli powder (if you want a kick)
Large handful of sesame seeds

Mixed the huel with cold/room temp water, mixed everything else together with warm/hot water and mixed it all in the shaker. Gave it a good whisk and chucked the sesame seeds in at the very end and a pinch of salt.

Tasted so good. I’m sure there are different variations you could make too with different types of stock cubes and different spices/types of curry seasoning. Next stop; try to make bacon flavour somehow.


@TimOfficialHuel Haha will do, I’m on it this week! Just posted one I tried but having a look its similar to what someone else did. Oh well haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I need help. I’m starting out. I just tried the following concoction and I cannot mask the oaty taste and grittiness of the U/U.

300ml water
200ml vanilla almondmilk
3-4 cubes ice
large handful of fresh strawberries
3 scoops U/U huel

I event added a little vanilla extract when I tasted the results and it was no help.



@topher did you only buy U/U or did you pick up some vanilla too? Some people get good results from mixing. I’m a vanilla man myself but there are people on this forum who make it work with the unflavoured version, so hopefully they can comment

@MrKobayashi I wonder if you ever got it right?


Have you seen there is a topic about flavouring U/U Huel? Maybe you can find some useful info there :slight_smile:

I use U/U. The very first Huel-shake I made was with strawberries. It was bad but a bit of a getting-used to-experience. I think I was expecting the strawberry smoothie like I´m used to. I use a hand blender to make the shake more smoothly blended. Cocoa powder (used for baking chocolate cake) is also very good and might be good to hide the oaty taste. Some also like instant coffee, that could also cover the taste. Rice milk or ordinary milk makes it a bit more milkshake-ish.

These days my favorite Huel shake is:
1 scoop cold rice milk
3½ scoop cold water
5 grams/1 tea spoon cocoa powder
20 drops of Capella flavour (Chocolate Fudge Brownie) - leave out this and add more cocoa powder
2 gram og stevia

Everthing is added and blended with a hand blender. :yum: