How do you flavour your Huel?


Ahh fair enough , I used the chocolate flavour boost.


I agree, I used the choc flavour boost, def wasn’t for me. The Berry goes really well with the banana flavour boost though :yum:


To be fair, the flavour boosts are really made for the Vanilla and the U/U.


Vega vanilla flavour protein owders are very nice. Those are the best tasting of their range. I did actually add that to my unflavoured Huel a while ago : 30% Vega to 70% Huel and it was lovely.


A good idea as it would give you just that bit more protein. I found though that I react to it as if it had milk in it, which surprised me as it doesn’t.


Do you start mooing?


Ha ha, no, but I get kinda catarrhy.


Ah, even worse.


I ordered some flavours today, from a company suggested by @hunzas. Got orange, coconut, hazelnut, chocolate and walnut. First 3 are all to combine with chocolate, and walnut is to combine with coffee. Am looking forward to this.


Please keep us posted…and if you don’t like them…get them posted…to me. It wasn’t actually a recommendation as I have not personally used them…just a suggestion cos they looked good. Walnut/coffee sounds like a good shout. Choc orange could be a good combo, and coconut if it tastes realistic is always a winner in my book.


I know, don’t fret! I’m sure they will be great. I’ll deffo post about them. If I get on really well, I might try some of the stranger ones with some u/u.


I got Chocolate Orange (which is the only one that needs a good shake before using), Hazelnut, Butterscotch and Maple. They are all lovely - the Maple and the Hazelnut are my favourites. Definitely going to try others… Let us know what you think of the Walnut :slight_smile:

I like that they aren’t sweetened.


Berry huel with mint chocolate fs is a no go. Wouldnt recomend


I’ve been trying the flavours I got, and they are very similar to the flavdrops that I tried before. I find I need a fair bit more than suggested as I like a stronger taste, not just a hint. The only one I wouldn’t recommend is the hazelnut one. It tastes like dusty hazelnuts. Like if you eat real hazelnuts from the shell and some of them taste a bit odd/dusty. I’ve been off my food a bit this past week too, so I’ve only been having one huel or a huel bar each day, and then feeling like I can only face dry or savoury food the rest of the day. Think I’ve got a slightly ducky tummy.


Quack! - as that well known Viz character Johnny Fartpant’s arse would say!


My go to Huel recipe is 3 scoops of the original Vanilla, then a teaspoon of the chocolate boost. I like to use half unsweetened almond milk, half water and plenty of ice. Occasionally I’ll add around 2 drops of peppermint oil and coffee powder - I love the combination of chocolate, mint and coffee! I did try the Coffee flavoured Huel but I find that the new Vanilla flavour is a bit too sweetener heavy for my taste.
My boyfriend hates the idea of milkshakes etc, but he still wanted to try Huel out! He uses the unsweetened and hot water (not boiling). He really likes savoury flavours so has tried madras curry paste and really enjoyed it.


Serve me right for posting without my glasses.


Did you taste that (favoured with Madras curry paste)? What did you think of it?


I flavour mine with Scandinavian blueberries(it’s not the same species as American ones, theese are tarter and purple inside, and therefore colours the Huel) and cubes of frozen passion fruit. The cubes makes the Huel easier to shake.
Sometimes I also add frozen raspberries.

Now, for the first time ever, I’m travelling with my Huel. So I got freeze dried blueberry powder with me, as well as different containers with pre-measured Huel. I live in Sweden where tap water is drinkable(I have lived in other places without drinkable tap water), so I just need to empty a container of Huel, add some freeze dried blueberry powder, find a tap with water and shake!


Almond milk, cocoa powder, ice cubes and sometimes some artificial sweetener.