How do you flavour your Huel?


I use 100ml of Alpro unsweetened almond drink with 350ml water for my shakes (76g Huel powder). Adding semi-skimmed milk and fruit would up the calories too much for me whilst I’m in deficit.

I never did buy that bottle of Camp coffee because it is made from chicory root, which is a FODMAP.


I’m newer to Huel and haven’t had time to experiment but my current favorite is chocolate Huel mixed in with one banana and some tahini, then I add a whole cup full of pomegranate seeds (I eat the whole seed) plus the small amount of juice that comes out with the seeds.

It gives my shake some crunch and then the seeds plus the juice makes the drink really tangy and sweet.

Honestly I love it and I’m addicted to it currently. It’s probably gotten to the point that I drink it at least once a day and have a small craving for it once I start thinking about it :thinking:


I just tried the pumpkin spice recipe from the welcome pack (minus the cloves) - it is immense!


Huella Deville :smirk: I like your name.


3 scoops of vanilla Huel, 1tsp Rhubarb and Custard flavour, 1 banana, 600ml water.

Tastes (to me) like cake mix, it’s lovely.