Huel Bar v3.0 now available - improved texture

We’ve further improved Huel Bar to give you a much softer, better-textured bar in the same three great flavours (Cocoa; Cocoa-Orange; Coffee).

The main reason for the new recipe is to improve the texture, to help stop them drying out and to be better tolerated by people with sensitive tummies.

  • Addition of rice bran to give a chewier, fudgier soft bar texture
  • Increased level of sunflower lecithin so aid softness
  • Coconut nectar for extra sweetness without increasing the sugar
  • Using soluble gluco fibre as a binder
  • MCT oil for the nutritional benefits of medium-chain triglycerides rather than coconut oil so we don’t have to heat the liquid ingredients in production meaning less moisture loss

Huel Bar v3.0 is, of course, nutritionally complete and has similar great nutrition as v2.0 as well as higher levels of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a higher inclusion of vitamin D.

Read more about Huel Bar v3.0 here.

Buy Huel Bar here.


In addition to this exciting announcement, if you really like the v2.0 Bar then you can purchase our Coffee and Cocoa & Orange Flavours here for £17.50 per box..


Thanks @JamesCollier. This has tempted me to order a box :+1:


Too much sugar.

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We’ve got to balance taste with nutrition, we’ve managed to keep the bar the same level of sugar as v2.0 but massively improve the texture :slight_smile: whilst still keeping a great nutritional profile!


Just ordered a box of cocoa & orange :grin:


Just tucked into a new v3.0 Bar! Really good. Took a picture for comparison. You can see the almost glossy texture of the new Bar. (fyi, both Bars were Cocoa & Orange and have exactly the same expiry date, which suggests they were produced within a month of eachother)


To show you the difference in texture, see these videos. The v3.0 Bar is so soft and almost fudge-y that is practically bends in half.


Surely that’s not THAT important?

Looks and bends like an iPhone 6…does it taste of apple?


Hi, I’d like to get Huel easily in Korea, South. Would you let me know how & whom I talk to this. Pls help~

Thanks for sharing, sounds like good improvements.

Everyone I showed the original bars to complained about the lack of squishiness and felt they were too dry and crumbly. I think this change will be appreciated by many people.


400-500 kcal bar next for full meal replacement bar hit the heart if you approve this addition


Why not just chomp down two bars?

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  1. price (a larger bar would partially mitigate that)
  2. sugar - would be 30+ gram, hoping for a larger one with reduces sugars

If we had a larger bar with lower sugar, we’d have this bar with lower sugar.


Sure, that makes sense. Still hoping you’ll find a way to do that in a way that works eventually!

The size of the bar is fine for me as I only tend to eat half at a time as a snack.


I agree with the diagnosis.

I originally thought you were responding to Tim, not me.

Yes, I think it is THAT important. There are already a ton of products on the market which have lots of sugar in them. If I wanted something without sugar, I’d probably have found it already.

When I want a snack of sugar in it, I normally turn to a Snickers bar. From Huel, I’m looking for something healthier.