Oreo Flavour - Nooo

You cannot do this, I’m stocked up for months. This is so exciting.


If this isn’t a April fools joke then we need this in RTD form.


Now please a solid form of this orea flavour that is equivalent in price to the liquid shakes we want real food.

No, I don’t. I’m happy with Huel. If I want ‘real’ food I’ll go and buy it. I don’t need to chew. Stop generalising. You don’t speak for me.


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Came in an email today so either it’s real or the screwed up the April fool email. I’m hoping it’s in black…

I have a feeling that this will also be a premium flavour.

Sorry to kill the buzz of excitement about this.

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If it is labelled as Oreo flavour I assume there may also be a licensing arrangement as OREO is a registered trademark of Mondeléz; or is just going to be cookies and cream flavour I wonder.

It’s not one that I’m over-enthusiastic about to be honest, BUT at the same time I was of the same mindset about Cinnamon Swirl, and that is probably now my favourite powder flavour. After drinking it most days for the past week or so I think it’s actually overtaken Salted Caramel…or it’s a close call.

I’m going to need to order soon… Hope it’s released before I run out!!

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This…is a big statement. Huel NPD team do it again!

Imagine! April Fools on the 5th of April. Savage. But we are ruthless in the marketing team :imp:

Glad you are excited, although this isn’t confirming what it is or isn’t, maybe it’s nothing, maybe it is something. You will just have to wait and see!