The Founder backed Brexit


If you are not going to buy Huel any more why do you even care for the reasoning of why he voted for Brexit?


Coup please I’m subtly trying to change the subject here come on don’t undermine me it’s parenting 101


Parenting 101? We’re not babies Ryan. You don’t need to patrol the forum making sure nobody is having a disagreement.

@Julian it doesn’t appear you have been tagged in, so only right to do so. Whether you choose to contribute or just lock the thread is entirely up to you. I don’t think many people would care if you locked it.


Mate it’s a joke I’m just trying to keep things light hearted. Have a cup of tea and a biscuit :cookie:


Oh come on, not trying to get a reaction?

I’m sorry for harsh words, but don’t go expecting no one to call you out on this crap.


I don’t necessarily think @Sheza is just trying to get a reaction.

I agree with almost all of what he says. He’s angry and frustrated.

As the founder hasn’t said much about it. I’m not going to stop buying Huel. Maybe he’s not racist, maybe he’s just a bit thick? (my speculative opinion)

I draw a distinction between him and Dyson because Dyson has spoken about it and is obviously just in it for himself - a Rees-Mogger. Although the, ‘hahahahaha’, from the Huel founder isn’t a good look at all.

My father in-law voted Brexit, he’s not thick, he’s not racist, he’s one of the nicest people ever. I simply don’t understand why he did it.

Most Brexit voters are either rich and selfish, racist/xenophobic and stupid or deluded and think that we can go back to the 50s when everything was wonderful (it wasn’t). I think that’s a perfectly valid thing to say. Note the, ‘most’.

It’s completely relevant to question the motives of the founder of a multi-million pound company that claims to be ethical, on their politics. Especially a company that has a product that is squarely aimed at ‘millennials’, who are massively pro-remain and are the group who will be the most affected by this whole shit show.


Completely agree with everything you say and the way you’ve put it.

My objection was to how it was written above, it was written from a definitive viewpoint which left no room for another opinion. It was written from a “this is how it is, if you disagree, you’re wrong” perspective, and I hate that. I’d hate that if it was a debate about fluffy bunnies. It’s not the content, it’s just the writing style and mentality that sits behind it.


My husband and his family (refugees from Middle East) and my side of the family (first generation non-EU migrants) are staunch Brexit voters. My husband is very high earner working for MoD, my parents each earn more than the £30k needed to be net contributors, yet all are bitter towards low skilled EU migrants. Talks of taking jobs, claiming benefits, EU nations benefiting more from UK money whilst UK goes backwards, criminals coming in etc…you know the drill. We have had lots of discussions but they will not be swayed on their vote for Brexit.

Myself, I am more of a remainer. I have little issue with the EU, I do have many issues with UK government! The environment is my highest political concern and I think the EU is very good for making the UK more environmentally concious. Without the EU I fear the UK will not take environmental issues seriously…

The fact Julian is a 100% Brexiter doesn’t change my opinion on him or Huel as a company. Who knows what his reasonings are, but flinging out terms like stupid/racist for having an opinion with no room for discussion is quite harsh. Things are rarely black and white in life, as I have learnt…


Most Brexit voters are either rich and selfish, racist/xenophobic and stupid or deluded and think that we can go back to the 50s when everything was wonderful (it wasn’t). I think that’s a perfectly valid thing to say. Note the, ‘most’.

Well, looks like you’ve well and truly fallen for the lies peddled by the mainstream media (backed by the EU) trying to discredit Leave voters and their win.

I’ve yet to hear a compelling reason for remaining in the EU (hence Project Fear as a means of control), yet many reasons for leaving.


We’re all individuals and entitled to our own opinions, no one needs to explain that to anyone here. I don’t want this to become an area to debate the pros and cons of Brexit. Huel is a nutrition company and absolutely apolitical and this is an area to discuss nutrition topics, Huel and the environment.

Let’s keep it civil, and please refresh yourselves on the rules of the forum

Please avoid:

* Name-calling.
* Ad hominem attacks.
* Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
* Knee-jerk contradiction.

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

Be polite and balanced. I’m monitoring this topic closely. The Huel forum isn’t a place to discuss Brexit.


European immigration is a net benefit to the UK.
The right to live and work anywhere in the EU.
The right for our banks and financial institutions to function across the EU.
The right for companies big and small to trade with any country in the EU and a lot of countries outside of the EU with no barriers.
The fact that we have trade deals with lots of major economies via the EU that are a lot better than we’d get on our own as a small country.
The fact that the world’s major banks see the UK as a hub and use it as a bridge between the US and EU.

What would the benefits of dropping all our major deals and starting from scratch as a very much smaller economy be?


I’m mainly staying out of the discussion on Brexit - people have a right to their opinion even if I strongly disagree - but this just screams conspiracy theory. The vast majority of print media was, and has remained, heavily in favour of leave. The most prominent lie of the whole campaign was the £350m per week to the NHS one, so let’s not pretend all falsehoods are coming from the remain side.

Still viewing this topic - one which has lead to massive polarisation across the country, violence, and even an assassination by an alt-right terrorist - as one which has winners and losers is extremely immature. We should be working together to achieve the best outcome from this point, not yelling “fake news” and refusing to accept there are redeemable arguments from the other side.


I am a EU citizen… So I have no vote really. But it does make business sense. I am stocking up on huel just in case of a no deal brexit and in case there is no food in the supermarkets.


Good on him, I’m going to double up my order now to make up for Sheza leaving.


So he’s in favour of Brexit? Big deal!

I’m in favour of remaining in the EU.

We just have a difference of opinion.

Not everyone who favours Brexit has dodgy tax secrets.


Does anyone here share my opinion that Brexit won’t actually happen in the end?

Firstly let me state I’m somewhere in the middle myself; there are good / bad arguments on both sides, and the fact that it’s such a complex and diverse issue, with Brexit meaning many different things to so many different people (based on their individual circumstances and experiences) means a common consensus is nigh on impossible.
I believe, and I believed from the start, it was never going to be allowed to happen, regardless of the (advisory) referendum result.

No doubt UK could survive and thrive out of the EU but the risk and uncertainty created by leaving are too much for many in the big business / finance world. Given the clout big business and finance centres have with the government, of course you can imagine the pressure behind the scenes to insure it doesn’t happen. I must state that I believe that trade and finance would mostly continue as normal in the event of Brexit (MONEY finds a way!) but it’s the UNCERTAINTY and purported RISK (interrupted money flow!) that many in that world find jarring.

Likewise the Scottish and Irish questions…

A slightly different angle here and one that we’re not hearing as much about (at least i’m not) in the UKMSM, but the UK leaving the EU could really be the end of the UK as a collection of nations. It may result in the reunification of Ireland and it would quite likely result in Scotland pushing again to become an independent nation.

As far as I can see the chance of the Irish border question being resolved in a manner which satisfies all sides is quite low, and can we really expect that the UK government is willing to risk losing revenues from oil and gas reserves in Scottish waters? (80-90%, depending who you speak to, of all UK oil and gas reserves are in Scottish waters).
If we consider how instrumental Scottish oil reserves are in keeping the £ strong, can the UK government risk losing Scotland? They’ve gone to great lengths in the past to prevent Scottish independence, and they’ll go to great lengths in the future to do so.

And finally, let’s imagine for a second, the UK, without Northern Ireland, without Scotland! The United Kingdom ceases to be, and as it dies, so do the last vestiges of The Empire.

I believe for many in the British Establishment these are primary motivators to ensure Brexit never happens.

The Empire!

Anyway that’s my two cents. Nothing’s black and white. Except HUEL!
Sorry for the lengthy post.

Love to you all,
Ziggy :slight_smile:

PS i’d be interested to know if any of you agree / disagree with me. Am I a misguided crank?


I think it would be a great idea if this subject was brought to a close. After all, this forum is about Huel, not about peoples’ political views.


Is it not a forum for the Heul using community, to discuss anything and everything, in a civilised manner?


Seems like you are right according to faqs posted by Tim earlier.


Commenting on it only brings it back to the top of the pile (he says while commenting on it :upside_down_face:)