can I ask where you put it in the dishwasher? plastics are certified as dishwasher safe only on the top rack (furthest away from the heat source) granted it doesn’t say this on the shakers instructions but it does in dishwasher user guides so I would think that would need amending to reflect this as you say.

The white part fits only on the bottom on my dishwasher. The problem appears to be with the black top one (unless the white somehow defied laws of physics and came out shrinked). I put the black part on the top section with glasses. Cap was on the very top cuttlery section (where nothing tall fits). Few hours out from the dishwasher it still leaks when assembled and leak is coming through threads between white and black parts.

unfortunately thats exactly what plastics do. while most materials expand with heat, plastics contract to varying degrees depending on the type, thickness etc of the plastic.

I did a quick check and Tritan like most other plastics is considered dishwasher safe only on the top rack. it can sustain temperatures up to 80°C but you have to remember that dishwasher rinse cycles are generally significantly hotter than the wash temperature.

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There was instructions inside my shaker, will dig em out and said something like do not use hot water, I paid no attention as to whether it was for cleaning or like a general warning not to put hot drinks in it, I will post a pic shortly.

But I also encountered the “leaking” without using hot water. It’s kinda part of the design though, a design decision that means it can weep.

As the top black part fits over the bottom white part, any liquid in the top black part will run down the sides of the black part and inevitably down the outside of the white part, again because black section is over the white. Had this been inverted then it would seem less likely to be a problem but would also affect the aesthetic.

It shouldn’t be a problem because the threading should prevent liquid weeping out but in my case I washed the top back part under cold water just a quick rinse and put it on the shaker, with water lying on the threading it proceeded to weep over the next hour. So if you wash the top black part, dry it before screwing it back together.

Equally I assume if you manage to deform either top or bottom threaded parts then it could weep or if it’s left for a prolonged period and pressure builds up inside it would seem the path of least resistance would be the threads between black and white parts and as above the top fits over the bottom part so it would dispell any pressure downward including any moisture or liquid also on the threading.

I don’t see it being a massive or widespread issue but an observation although using hot water could be enough to deform the plastic and no longer get a good seal.

Well, I guess then I will have to leave it to dry completely and try next morning when absolutely positive no water inside the thread. Maybe after all it was weeping… Will report back (even though I didn’t pay any attention to drying it also between my meals over the week and didn’t notice any weeping then…)

Regarding dishwasher, I have a regular size (60cm wide) dishwasher and white part simply doesn’t fit anywhere but at the bottom part because it is quite tall. So for me I guess then it is not my dishwasher safe after all :frowning:

if it doesn’t right itself, I’d suggest getting in touch with customer service, see if they can help you out.

Damn, I didnt know that. So plastics have to be in the middle and not on the bottom?

the top rack - which dishwasher manufacturers normally designate as being for small or delicate items such as small plates, cups, saucers, glasses, and dishwasher-safe plastic items.


I don’t own a dishwasher but even if I did I would probably not chance plastics in there. Always best to wash such items by hand IMO.


Sorry this maybe a silly question but does the new shaker come free if I order Huel black? I have had the white only currently.

Hi and welcome @cobray. Unless the rules have changed you usually only get one shaker free when you order for the first time. :thinking:

Just checking as it gives the free T-shirt option again.

You probably won’t get a new t-shirt as it applies to first order only. regardless if what that is.

Awwwww ok doky.

Next morning after dishwasher scare… Maybe it shrank/expanded itself or indeed it was just weeping yesterday as @Kenneth_P suggested, but I am glad that my shaker is back in usable state. Got myself a nice strawberry and cream breakfast today.

Lesson learned – won’t put it into dishwasher. It can be cleaned by hand ok – shaking and emptying with water filled to about the third of the volume. After that – disassembling and cleaning some remains around the black “mesh” thing with a lip. Actually, despite the fact that I can’t stick my hand into it, I think it is easier to clean once you learn how to do it, due to simpler form compared to the old one.

Net result after one week of using – like it. Huel might adjust product description wording though. If dishwasher safety is a theoretical property (white part being too large to go anywhere but into the bottom section where you should not place it apparently), then why emphasise it at all…

I’ve had my shakers a couple of days now and pretty pleased with them. nice sturdy feel in the hand and easy to hold. I haven’t used them with the ice grid but have used a stainless whisk ball and that worked very well in it.

All the plastic finishing is good – way better than ShakeSpheres - which I guess would be the closest comparison. I’m curious about the slightly scalloped profile of the lid with a ridge two thirds of the way up – @Tim_Huel is that a structural or aesthetic thing?

As for the new scoop/powder, because the fill line is pretty deep in the bottle, I’ve found the easiest way is to hold the shaker at an angle towards the scoop when putting the powder in – seems to be the easiest/cleanest way.


Good to hear that we think it was just the weeping down the thread due to the black section still being wet. I’m not too worried about this, but when Huel starts coming down the sides then that will be a much bigger problem. Thanks for the update and the thorough review. Glad to hear you’re back using the shaker.

We believe the shaker is dishwasher safe, however we can look to adjust this if we start to see a wide group of customers having the same experience. It certainly isn’t written as a theoretical property.

Could you take a photo of what you mean? I think I know what you mean, but when you said lid I thought you meant the cap so just want to confirm.

Ah yes, these are not aesthetic and very much were the bane of my life. They’re sink marks, which I’m sure you will know all about, but for anyone else they are depressions that happen in the thicker areas of an injection moulded plastic product when it shrinks while cooling down. It shrinks in the inner bit of the finished product.

They’re a lot better than they were but we’re still working on eliminating them entirely.


Two more penguins have arrived, and are welcomed by the pioneer explorer. They also brought supplies. Not that there was an acute shortage, but some variety is nice (even though the bouncer insists that the CupBoard is full).

The NEW Huel Shaker
Really nice so far. The first one arrived 8 days ago - “luckily”, there was only one, and not tens of them; had a “slight” problem viewing my subscription basket on the day the new shaker was released - and after 6 days of use I decided to order some more (thanks for the coupon! :blush:).

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when drinking, I find it easiest to drink with the penguin on its side and its body towards the hand holding it.
I tried holding it stomach up, which worked fine until it turned into a pelican,
and stomach down, as in most of the pictures, but its backhead kind of blocked my view.
Sideways it is!

(I know people have likened it with other things - mainly things related to the medical field, of which the pill capsule was ok - but/so I prefer seeing mine as penguins.)

Hi! I’ve been lurking for a while.
Began exploring nutrifoods mid-November last year - some brands were “eh, ok”, others were “yes!”, some were good-but-quite-costly, others were cheaper-than-Huel-but-not-to-my-taste. (One was quite nice, but the (although fixed) shipping fee is horribly expensive to where I live.)
I think I’m ending up with a bit of mix-them-all, but so far Huel’s good enough that I’ve (obviously) ordered more, and done so more than once.