As mentioned on Reddit by some user

This is what happens, and the powder once it gets stuck is not very easy to remove. The other scoops maintained “clean” much longer than the new ones.

I used to clean the scoops like once per month, but now on the first use gets the powder stuck.



Ah I see now, thanks. I haven’t got one of the new scoops yet so couldn’t imagine what you meant.

Yes I saw that Reddit post. To clarify, you aren’t saying that the shaker has this same problem (like on the lanyard), just that the continuation of that design style onto the scoop causes problems.

I totally see this, I will raise with the folks who have designed the scoop. Although I don’t understand the concern about it being dangerous/contaminated. Messy, yes. If you just left the scoop in the pouch before then the powder in these lines doesn’t change that. I just wash the scoop after the pouch is finished and leave it in the rest of the time, is that what you do with yours?

Thanks for flagging though, can see this being messy and annoying.

Yeah same here - its the most convenient method.

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I try to have my hands clean before using the scoop but you never know when handling food.

Having to touch the same old powder stuck in those lines is not nice. Also with the new scoop I always get my thumb “dirty” with powder. First world problems, but, if there were a contamination problem, that I have never suffered with Huel, those lines have some possibilities of being the reason.

Me too, Tim.
Always advisable to have clean hands before handling food anyway.

You want to get a bottle sponge they are brilliant for cleaning the new shaker, and other bottles obviously.

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Horrified :joy: I actually noted that if you shine a light (like the one on your phone) from the base of the bottle it’s transparent enough to illuminate the inside of the bottle and you can see through the plastic. Would be awesome if there was a set of huel kitchen scales with an led in the middle that to could stand the bottle on. I know it’s overkill etc etc but still looks cool while you make your huel.


That’s actually such a cool idea. But would probably annoy people a lot! I love the concept though!

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Might be time to update this graphic?


It’s on the list, don’t worry!


Wait what!? I obviously clean mine should they gunk up or look dirty somehow, but, well, I easily get a couple months use out of mine between washes.

May I thank you for bringing out the new shaker? Initially I was a but grumpy because it didn’t fit into my car’s holder (Mini) so I use the old ones for journeys. Also they’re not stackable as the others were.
But then I did a happy dance as it’s perfect inside my HBBs, just the perfect shape inside. Moreover the neck’s plenty wide for my extra large ice cubes & I’ve had not one instance of leakage… So, I’ve popped up a wee shelf above my kitchen radiator, knitted a wee cotton cushiony drainer & my penguins dry there, all cosy like.


i miss the transparent shakers and scoops :’ (

as an orthorexian [obsessed with healthy food],
i prefer transparency: transparent drinking cups, transparent mixers, …

White section is made from Tritan plastic

Tritan itself is transparent … for example: helikon-tex tritan bottle, 1 liter, 13 eur

the buchsteiner

Buchsteiner MixMaster 700mL shaker: made from PP (Polypropylene)

Eastman Tritan plastic is physically more stable than Polycarbonate or Polypropylene, but Tritan also emits synthetic estrogen:

According to internal Eastman documents, in 2008 Eastman signed a two-year contract with Sciences International, another product defense firm that had played a key role in the tobacco industry’s scientific misinformation campaign. On Sciences’ advice, Eastman then commissioned a study that used computer modeling to predict whether a substance contains synthetic estrogens, based on its chemical structure. The model suggested that one of Tritan’s ingredients—triphenyl phosphate, or TPP—was more estrogenic than BPA.

… so Tritan is “BPA free” but not “estrogen free”

every type of plastic commonly used in food packaging (polypropylene and polystyrene, for example) tested positive in some cases, which suggested there was no surefire way to avoid exposure.

solutions? no dishwasher, no UV light, no microwave → at least reduce estrogen levels

… or use a cocktail shaker from stainless steel

@milahu there’s no need to cross post your comments on multiple threads. Let’s keep the forum tidy, I generally read every post that is written here. In reply

There’s no need to miss them! They’re still here, and you can get yourself another few if you’d like.

Clever! I just imagined a disco ball behind it, now that might be overkill but look cool lol.


We should make mini ones of these which light up and sell them as christmas tree ornaments. Would probably sell really well I’m sure…:eyes:

Huel disco balls too. A whole new venture for Huel, novelty decorations.


I’m here for when you put a light in the shakers. I go through gadget phases, but I do still love how my Hidrate Spark lights up when I need to drink. The price is a bit steep, but I was gifted a fifty quid Amazon voucher so you know, it only cost me a tenner :+1:t3:

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or branch out into some shaker ‘inspired’ kitchen clutter :smiley: - like some co-branded compact digital scales to satisfy the grammage obsessed - or some scaled down 100g flavour boost storage pots/shakers with re-positionable transparent labelling.


After 1 month with the new shaker and making today a Huel with the old one I have to say the the old one works infinitely better creating less lumps and mixing it much better.

Its sad but its real. The new shaker its great for carrying it out of home but it works worse for a daily driver. I wouldnt consider it a mixer or a shaker, just a bottle. I think its a missed opportunity

I am no expert l, but having rounded corners inside the bottle seems to make the mixing less efficient or agressive to avoid lumps.

My current review would be 5.5 out of 10.