What do you mix Huel with?


I mixed it with beetroot juice and got purple rain. Prince wrote me a song about it. And James Blunt remembered me on the tube… Or rather my residue.


He smiled at you, while you were with another man? Or is that another song?


Frozen Fruit. I get packets of Frozen Fruit from Asda and Tesco.
The Sweet Pitted Cherries are a favourite from Tesco. In Asda, my favourite would be the Apple, Cucumber and Kiwi Mix.
There’s all sorts of Frozen Fruit available though.
My typical breakfast is 100g of Huel and 100g of Frozen Fruit.
Recently I’ve been adding a spoonful of Meridian Peanut Butter too. Only problem is, a spoonful of Peanut Butter is like 200 calories LOL!!
It’s awesome though. Great variation and very tasty.


Is that good? Thinking of doing that


If you like coffee and walnut cake you should like coffee and walnut huel. Simples.


Yep…that is the one.


Having tried many things with Huel, I have now found my new favourite mix.

I shake 50g of Vanilla Huel (original, the best) with 25g of USN Cherry Bakewell low-carb protein, and add 400ml or so of milk (almond, coconut, dairy, take your pick).

The result it damn beautiful and is now my preferred choice. Blooming marvellous.


I’m only in my first week so trying some of the flavour powders. I’m a fan of ginger in my morning huel and just had banana powder with a handful of raspberries, which was really good. Looking forward to trying a few different things


Am developing love for this morning breakfast smoothie, blend together;
350ml almond milk
3 ice cubes
1 scoop of v2.3 vanilla huel
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
1 banana
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 tsp chocolate flavouring

Top up with water if needed (then reblend)

Such a nice taste, and fills me up until my lunchtime 3 scoop huel smoothie.
Love it.


A friend gave me a bag to try as I’ve recently had all my teeth removed, and find it hard to get all the RDA I need. have been mixing with Milk and milkshake powders, and cannot believe how useful this stuff is! will be picking up some on payday.


I too had dental work and was on liquids for 2 weeks … Huel was my saviour too !!
I still carry on with Huel as it’s great :+1:


My first post on here but I was looking for this question :grinning:
I have mixed the non-sweetened/flavoured products with a spoon of xylitol. U have also tried a combination of mixed with water and skimmed milk. I was diagnosed borderline diabetic last month and therefore, watching my sugar intake. I am also looking at shedding 3 stone in weight. I was almost 16st in June. I am now 14st 12lb but want to get to nearer 12.5st as an ideal weight.
I had my first delivery of Huel on Wednesday, with yesterday being my first full day.

The one thing I am trying to get my head around is whether to use 400ml of milk/water with 3 scoops or reduce it to say 2 scoops with say 250ml of milk/water. As I am new to this I am looking for people’s recommendations.

Thanks, Tom


The basic answer is to lose weight you need a calorie deficit. You have obviously already achieved that having lost over a stone in a few months.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how much Huel to take in a portion, or how many portions per day. I have 100g (as more accurate than scoops) in 500ml of liquid and that suits me.

Are you intending to just consume Huel as you said yesterday was first full day?

This is a good place to check your required calories a day. Of course it varies from person to person and is just a guide. From that you can work out how much Huel you need to achieve your calorie intake, and then adjust it after a few weeks if you are too hungry, not losing weight, increasing weight etc. if that makes sense.


Hi Hunzas.

Thanks so much for the advice. This is very much appeciated. I am having 2 x 3 scoops of Huel per day for breakfast and lunch. I am using 400ml of water to mix.
If I get hungry I am having a banana / apple which takes away any other craving that I may have.
The vice I was having was junk food. At first it was tough, now I am over the worst and on a journey being borderline diabetic. I am determined to do this.

Best regards Tom


I just realised I missed something in my last post. I was meant to attach a link: https://tdeecalculator.net which helps you calculate calories. It is pretty good. My post made less sense without it.

I think what you are doing seems reasonable. Just don’t want to get too hungry as that is a quick way to lose motivation.

Losing weight and improving diet can often take you out of the realms of borderline diabetic. That has got to be a good thing. In fact a good diet can reverse type 2 diabetes. That is can not will. I have been seeing a very good diabetes consultant who speaks highly of diet (I am not diabetic, but have another non-diet/exercise related endocrine issue) in reversing diabetes. He is a key researcher in the roles that exercise and diet can play in the prevention and management of the metabolic syndrome (a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity). A good diet and some moderate exercise can help in all these areas.

You obviously don’t want to become diabetic so good luck with it all.


I’m thinking about buying the raspberry flavdrops with my first order of the Berry Huel. How was it? Recommend it?


If you’re talking about the Raspberry flavdrops from MyProtein, go for the Stevia ones. I don’t like the Sucralose ones myself. Others may disagree.


300ml Alpro Almond milk
2 scoops of original vanilla
1 banana
Blend up the night before, this is my default breakfast shake but I also add in coffee, extra water/almond milk depending on if I want the caffeine hit or not.

Recently discovered coconut flavoured almond milk, game changer! :slightly_smiling_face: